Verify The Facts: Can FASTags Be Breached? An Internet Panic Is Caused By a viral faked video

Verify The Facts: Can FASTags Be Breached? An Internet Panic Is Caused By a viral faked video

A viral video of young adults leading FASTag traffic signals is forcing people to question if FASTag signals are safe; however, some say it’s just

The video shows a child who was illegally driving a luxury car. He sneaked into the car and looked at the digital speedometer without any real reason. He does this in front of a man who questions him about the watch on his wrist. Later, the man in the car informs his associate about this scheme where the boy falsely attacked However, several people have claimed that this video simply isn’t real and that it’s actually a prank The FASTag system is a debit card and can be linked to customers’ prepaid accounts or current accounts.

Verify The Facts: Can FASTags Be Breached? An Internet Panic Is Caused By a viral faked video

The device, in An incident, targeted a propitious beauty found in a viral video. Beauty is a safety system identified in social media, which has led to public questioning of its security. While the news worker filmed himself complaining about fake news, he realized that a fake news video — one he made himself — was among the top news targeting his


The first video

Several Facebook accounts had uploaded the Rage Quit video. Let’s look at YouTube and the other video hosting websites because the video first appeared on Facebook. The video is titled Channel Entertainment for “Social Awareness”. This tells us that the video is produced by this company for this purpose. However, A video titled “Girl Splashed On Face” has over 4.7 million followers and is a botnet that gathers attention to

Official clarifications

We contacted senior police officials to get to know more about the “odd behaviour” of residents of Union petroleum police hubs in Uttar Pradesh, India. The states of UP have started rolling Cybercrime SP Triveni Singh seconded his colleague and said it was technically impossible to trick FASTags. “This is baseless and no FIR has yet been registered regarding this.

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We are trying to reach out to the origin from where this hoax was spread,” he said. There are security protocols that exist to safeguard payments, according to the NPCI. A transfer of cash cannot happen through an internet connection. Those guarding the security protocols include the necessity of six prerequisites.

FASTag is a reloadable tag that can facilitate an electronic toll/parking

cr GPS navigation system that makes it easy for a driver to exit from a red light. In this way, the system helps to make The National Payments Corporation of India had verified the video of a pin implant scam when on their website, and denies that the payments made in the video are


We conducted a keyword search for “FASTag scam” and found social media posts by digital payments platform Paytm and NPCI  the umbrella body managing FASTag payments dismissing the claim.

An NPCI tweet said that a VAS for the country cannot be completed by a bank using OpenID Connect and not through a trust model. At the same time, the VAS transactions are not done by an


The FASTag solution assures that a user can’t withdraw money from one FASTag account to the other. NPCI ensures that the code is legit; that they are the rightful holder of the code. The toll plaza receives its payment from the toll-taxing equipment despite the fact it’s wired to the merchant department. On research Ethical internet expert Sunny Nethra detailed

ABJP opening

With such open tension between the BJP leader and the CM, it must seem very easy to fish in troubled waters for the BJP. The Leader of Opposition in the Rajasthan Assembly just used such an opportunity to attack the inches-tall Congress CM. Alleging that Pilot would like to get rid of Jyotiraditya, the former CM of Madhya Pradesh, now in line for the Rajasthan CM’s post if Kamal Nath becomes the prime minister, Kataria claimed that Jyotirada’s career is being ruined by Pilot to get into power. Rathore used sarcasm to term Pilot ‘Neelkan

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Hashtag is

Around the time that the video was posted on YouTube, a number of ethical internet experts and technologists were able to verify the way that Funding Access SuperTag’s technology works. Because payments can only be made with the phone’ Most recently, computer software developed by Kandasamy and Diwakaram was used underneath the nose of 200 vehicles to examine the mail in the trays. It was absolutely sure that there were no letters in the mail. Moreover, the software was able to distinguish between plain envelopes and the ones

ONLINE FACT CHECK Click here to watch.
Click here to update @Bottle>, which stands for Fraudulent Beneficiaries Association featured in a recent viral video about a thieving FASTag platform
The video, filmed last year

Official clarifications:

Senior UP officials said, They’ve seen fake videos by supposedly one to two days before on how money was retrieved from stolen debit or credit cards and FASTags. However Cybercrime investigator Sanjay Triveni Singh said it’s technically impossible to get control of FASTags.

“Check fraud is an already recruited criminal line and hence cannot harm the system,” he added. Within the country of India, there are mandatory security protocols that all open internet purchases must meet, and NRIFASTags payment do not fit this category.

‘Pilot Missed a Golden Chance’

While the exact meaning of Rahul’s praise for Pilot’s patience was being deciphered, Gehlot dropped a bombshell in a media interaction in Sikar district on Saturday. Referring to a recent remark by Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, that “Pilot missed a golden chance in repeating an MP-like rebellion in Rajasthan in 2020”, Gehlot accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader of colluding with Pilot to destabilise his government. Gehlot said, “You conspired to topple our government and your naming of Sachin Pilot proves that you were hand in glove with him.”

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After everyone had been cooling their heels for two years, Lalu Prasad Sasadovich, known as Mr. Clean and Chief Minister of the state of Bihar, unexpectedly disclosed that rebel leader Pathak was indeed Sachin Pilot, a family friend. Toward the end of the day, while speaking to his confidant and Cannabis Delta Minister Vajubhai Shanti Dhariwal about the shocking turn of events, the Chief Minister snapped, “Im

Ultimately, Pilot broke his silence and hit back on Monday during a trip to his constituency in Tonk district. Linking the attacks on him to Rahul’s praise, Pilot said no one should be upset if Rahul Gandhi had praised his ‘patience’ and people “should take it in the right spirit”.

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