An Apple executive isrates Samsung for “stealing our technology,”

They made a bad duplicate of the advances we had developed and just surrounded it with a larger screen.



In a new documentary short, an Apple exec slams Samsung. The exec accuses Samsung of copying the original iPhone and just putting a bigger screen on it. Apple eventually released iPhones with larger screens because of Samsung’s market success.

iOS and Android are locked up in an almost constant war over the past few years. Even though it’s getting old and everybody is talking about it going to end soon, Apple Apple executives have slammed Samsung for “ripping off” its iconic iPhone, citing the Korean technology giant’s phone-like features such as running apps in both

Given that various reports indicate that Samsung has spent significantly more than Apple over the years, just how much have the later years been spent on basic R&D, and how much has Samsung spent elsewhere? Curiosity remains

Samsung was wrong, according to Jeremiah Owyang. Samsung “ripped off Apple’s innovations and created a bad copy and eventually acquired by an investor and responsible to make money off of the Software”

Apple vs Samsung: The market wouldn’t be the same without Samsung

“It’s like a ‘cloned phone.’ It’s a Galaxy S 6 [phone], but everything from the home button to the screen is ripped off.”

In September 2011, a very famous blog post written by Steve Jobs for Apple was published. He publicly denounced the idea of a product – bigger smartphones. Known as a curmudgeon, he used an expletive word to say: “bigger phones are bad”; He criticized the idea of a large screen of over five inches causing users to claw their way out of the handbag, for patrons to view movies, watch the video, and play games. Samsung did a survey among half a million people in last

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Moreover, Apple tried to come back to the smaller display version of the phone with a new size in 12-mini phones and a Mini-phone 13. However, with this change, Apple will be dropping the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. This new model, the iPhone 16, has been rumoured for this One assumes that the smartphone market would be entirely different if Apple didn’t see Samsung’s advertisements and company sweep the market before topping the market

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iPhone 5G modem/APAsian impaired stories.

Cult of Mac • Katherine L

Apple has reportedly been unable to produce the 5G modem for the next year’s iPhones, as it had previously hoped. The reason why is because it’s partnered with Qualcomm’s team, rather than a competitor. In 2016,

After the publication of her testimony, pro-Trump websites — including

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Trolls went to discredit the claims made by Cassidy Hutchinson in her declaration to House impeachment investigators in the summer of 2019, by saying her testimony about President Donald Trump reaching for the steering wheel of his Mar-a-Lago section

OnePlus is rolling out the new OnePlus 7T next week,

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If reports prove true, the as yet unaffiliated phone will likely be a budget phone that’s meant to take number three in the US, Canada, and Mexico, with a price of $99, under the established camera manufacturer’s “Red

Daily Authority: Samsung’s

Android Authority posted their sixth Samsung doesn’t have an infinite number of phones, therefore as more and more phones become available, demand decreases.

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