The Top Seven Features We Hope Android 14 Will Include


Now is the moment to look forward as Android 13 will soon be stable.

Although Android’s code is apparently quite regular, we have to guess what features will be dropped in the Android 13.7 Version every now and again. With spring coming, here are lists of features we want, that had to be abandoned due to priorities or overwritten by bugs.

We’re going to focus on Google’s first-party approach to Android. Some of these features might already be part of Android on other manufacturers’ devices. If you look at the full Android ecosystem, attention paid to first-party products contributes to a whole Android world that benefits all phone makers. Features first delivered on Google phones,



Bring back application widgets on

Apple introduced a new lock screen feature on their iPhone earlier this year. Now it looks familiar because we used it as an Android lock screen a few years ago. Yes, it’s the ability to add widgets, but it’s not as useful as it is to iOS users. That is because when Android first launched, it has a widget feature way back in OS 1.0 and even then it was very gimmicky. Since KitKat, it is possible to add widgets to the lock screen but there really are not many available or demonstrated to be useful. After all, many years ago when this occurs, Samsung stuck with this lock screen gimmick for their Android platform and added it to their One UI interface. Although it is still included.

First Image: Pretty wallpaper 13 android lock screen widgets. Remaining Images

Can you be surprised to hear that Google – the dominant search engine – has resurrected a feature it gave up on 10 years ago? This is not the first time we’ve noticed that Google is veering away from new things that Android has introduced while Android is increasingly mean as well as flourishing. Yesterday, Android got a new interface. Today, Google goes out of its way to find innovative ways to improve the user experience.

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Give the user a

If you are talking about widgets as that may mean tiny gadgets from somewhere inside the Web, may I suggest Apple as an ideal provider in this category because in 2010 its innovative company not only introduced the well-known concept of stacked widgets but also enhanced it by adding some very useful features. By swiping through them all,

With Android, we’d much prefer to preserve the user’s scroll gesture to go to a certain location on the screen. However, Apple’s Apple widgets are not scrollable or very interactive, so it’s

But it is a little frustrating that Google has begun to make it already. It’s At a Glance widget (a part of the Google Calendar) gives you information about upcoming events, connected devices, weather alerts, and more in a form like the following: Whenever you expand the widget, you get to see more than one agenda based on the current day and/


Bring back dedicated Wi-Fi and mobile network toggles

In the new version of Android, Google did away with the Wi-Fi and mobile-data toggles. Instead, it’s merged all of these features into a single all-encompassing “Internet” toggle. This is very confusing and often drives people to the point of crying because they can’t figure out how to let go of the Wi-Fi they’re connected to.


If your mobile connection is not good when you’re inside a building, it is often a good idea to turn off the mobile radio completely in order to conserve some of that precious mobile battery life. Additionally, this is something the one-dimensional Internet toggle makes.

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Port forward but have the

The gesture navigation introduced in Android 10, has prevented the use of third-party launchers. Since their customizations to the system always need the cooperation of Google and Play Store or result in inconsistent performance. Users are becoming increasingly frustrated by this. The third-party launchers never will be able to utilize such sophisticated functions as a gesture navigation system in order to provide smoother customizations and manipulations. To users’ dismay, the preinstalled launcher gets the upper hand over third-party.



Lawnchair Launcher

Troy would like to see Android partners be more deeply integrated with Android with the introduction of certain new

Send a team to help make gesture navigation

In order to make gesture navigation even for Android, Apple set the standard format by which Android apps should display the navigation bar in their apps, thereby integrating the appearance and content of these menus more closely with what the system does with them. Unfortunately, that leaves Android devs with three choices for displaying the menu bar: 1) android: config changes: KEYBOARD in manifest, menu removed 2) android:windowSoftInputMode=”stateAlwaysHidden” 3) Display the Bar as a Visible View over the Content, Unfortunately,

While developers of Android software for mobile phone users only have a handful of different screen sizes and devices to support, the Google subsidiary for search links and apps might have more formula for supporting Android software. It will be a shame if paid apps and online retailers don’t support Android apps.

Bring back custom icon shapes and fonts to the Pixel

Android 11 added the ability to change font and colour in notification settings and in the notification shade on Pixel phones. Notice how removing that in Android 12 in fact made the theme more customizable as it uses your wallpaper as its theme.

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Material You has just introduced lots of new customization choices. Android 13 added lots of colour gradient options for icons and high contrast mode for even more colour difference declaration. Google could introduce more customization options again but probably not icon layout and font format.

Wait or hurry

Back when Google Android was in the public beta stage, a backdoor to Narwhal was found. Usually, updates to Android phones are released in a beta stage before it hits the public channels. However, a backdoor has been found into Narwhal giving the attacker, whoever it was, the capability to change the content on the page. We don’t know if Android 14 will be updated based on this finding, but in general you should not expect any major change. We do expect to see the change Below are the upcoming devices in order of special editions.


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