Airbnb uses Jetpack Compose to enable developers to do their best.

Airbnb uses Jetpack Compose to enable developers to do their best.Palantir Technologies is a private software and services company that uses its software to help organizations make sense of their data through a process called data integration. The company aims for engineering excellence by following two main principles: using technology that sparks innovation and devoting

Jetpack Compose, Android’s modern UI-building toolkit, supports the two core principles that drive Airbnb’s development. This solid foundation of flexible, efficient engineering allows for deep concentration on user experience, so apps can continually be enhanced and improved.

Early in 2020, Airbnb decided to use Compose in various developer and production environments. As a beta program participant at the time, the Airbnb team was eager to take advantage of new features, such as a simplified workflow, at an early stage.

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Compose’s deterministic testing has helped ensure that Airbnb engineers have tight control over the UI tests they run and eliminate common anomalies, enhancing their trust on the quality of each piece of app and the user experience they’re creating. Engineers can now also use Compose to test animations that they couldn’t before.
Similarly, Airbnb developers used Compose to add automated screenshot testing to their codebase. Because there was no need to write code to test screenshots, engineers were immediately ready to use them to identify bugs and regressions. This allowed us to spend more time testing and ensuring the functionality of the feature and the look and feel of the user interface on different devices.
I recommend using Compose with View. This interaction makes it easier for Airbnb engineers to add new UI toolkits to the board and test them at their own pace, allowing them to take advantage of Compose without having to migrate all functions.
These engineering improvements provided a solid technical foundation for serving users in new and improved ways.

Engineering efficiency improves the user experience

Airbnb keeps the decisions about the host and the guests between them. The team of engineers was thrilled to use Compose, a great end-user experience when they heard how to make user interfaces easier and more efficient. Compose has made the Airbnb team more efficient, as it requires much less code to write and manage Airbnb features. All this means that your team can focus on the complex tasks involved in developing innovative opportunities to better serve users. Now that their features require less code, the Airbnb team can slow down the growth of long-term applications. Airbnb is a worldwide user organization that ensures that all hosts and guests can easily download and access their applications, especially those that use older devices or are accessible in high-paying countries. it’s important. Improvements in Compose technology have allowed Airbnb to prioritize user needs.

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Increase developer productivity with Compose

Create a streamlined user interface so Airbnb engineers can focus on more dynamic and innovative features that are more useful to application hosts and guests.

Learn how to increase group performance with Jetpack Compose.

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