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PK XD MOD APK v0.51.2 [Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked] Free Download

PK XD MOD APK is a fantastic open-world Android game that boasts a colorful open-world gaming experience as well as online server-based gaming. So get PK XD now and start playing in this influential open world! Explorable video games are well-known around the environment and are the most popular gaming genre on the planet, as they allow players to explore the entire virtual world while playing.



PK XD, on the other hand, is a fantastic open-ended game that we’ll always play first. The accessible games in GTA are just outdated ideas, and we’re satisfied with other exclusives that we can’t detach from. But the PK XD will always be our first choice. There aren’t any Android or console games that don’t require in-app purchases, but PK XD MOD APK is our creation, and it won’t cost you a penny! All you have to do is download the PK XD MOD APK from the link provided below and enjoy enhanced gameplay for an indefinite period!

Android players will be able to freely explore the amazing online world, where they may build their avatars and interact with virtual landscapes in a variety of ways. Have fun exploring the fantastic online environment, which offers a variety of activities and mini-games to engage in. Feel free to explore the game’s open-world locations to discover a variety of new features.

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PK XD will let you discover the world of life simulation in a far more peaceful and stress-free manner than I Live You Play He Lives, which introduces Android players to a life-like experience and instructional simulation.

Most importantly, the online gameplay with thousands of real-life players from across the world will allow you to quickly make friends and invite them to join you in your in-game adventures. Have a great time playing PK XD’s entertaining mobile game and interacting with other players. Make your community and make your virtual world a lot of fun.

Additionally, those of you who enjoy dressing up games will find PK XD to be highly addicting, since it offers a plethora of customization options for your characters, pets, and homes. You may now effortlessly change your appearance by experimenting with various clothing, freely customizing your pets, and personalizing your home.

PK XD Mod Apk Features

  • Money that never runs out
  • All Premium Features Have Been Unlocked
  • Coins Unlimited
  • All levels have been unlocked.
  • There are no advertisements.
  • Unrestricted Gems

Features in detail

The following are all of the game’s fascinating features:

Have lovely pets of your own?

For those who are interested, PK XD also has a variety of cute pets that you can have around your home. Choose from a variety of creatures, ranging from ordinary cats, dogs, and pigs to exotic alligators, hippos, buffalos, hedgehogs, and raccoons.

Gamers can choose from dozens of different pets in the game. All of the creatures have been lovingly designed to fit in with the adorable home and great characters. And their distinct interactions will undoubtedly enhance the in-game experience.

Simultaneously, you can enjoy your genuine growing experiences by caring for your pets and allowing them to expand into various forms. Instead of only having the pets for the show, this should make the gameplay a lot more exciting and intriguing.

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Create your own avatar

Have you ever wished you could start over? To be able to construct your own self without any constraints? You can easily build a character that represents you or anyone else in PK XD! You can even make something that looks nothing like a human being. In this game, you have complete control over your avatar. Different goods, such as futuristic boots, ninja swords, shark gloves, golden hair, humorous backpacks, and more, can be combined! Your imagination is the only limit! Make an effort to stand out and attract others’ notice.

Own a House

If you had ever fantasized about building your own home? You can design your own fantasy home in PK XD. Decorate it as you see fit! You can make things with the following items in this game:

  • a fireplace
  • kitchen items
  • a dance mat
  • a lava lamp
  • wallpapers
  • a puff cloud
  • bathroom items, and more!

You’ll find everything you’re looking for in PK XD! In this game, you’ll be able to explore other houses in order to get ideas for your own! You’re the only one who can make a house look like a spaceship! Go ahead and like and visit other people’s homes.

Play around with your ideas as you build and design the entire house and its various rooms. Also, use the available goods in the game to experiment with various décors to simply change the game’s impressions and themes. Enjoy your infinite decorating and designing gameplay whenever you want; your imagination is the only constraint.

Simple controls

The controls in PK XD are so simple that even a youngster can pick them up in minutes! You can use the virtual pad on your left to travel, and the buttons on your right to communicate and interact with other aspects! That is how simple it is. Then, simply swiping the screen, you may adjust your camera.


Challenge your pals to minigames in this game! Each season has a large number of missions to fulfill. In PK XD, there are also numerous games to play. You may earn cash by delivering pizzas or by going on crazy runs! Whatever it is, it will undoubtedly be enjoyable! As always, you will have something to do with your buddies in this game.

In real-time dancing combat, you can dance and take down other gamers. Alternatively, complete your pizza delivery challenges to earn gold incentives. The list could go on and on. You may have fun while earning money for your virtual life by playing this game.

There are a variety of activities

In addition, in PK XD, the game offers a fully recreated environment with a variety of destinations and activities to participate in. Have fun exploring your friend’s home and the area to appreciate their various architectural styles. At the floats, you can relax completely. At the park, enjoying some delectable ice cream. Alternatively, you can simply engage with each other using the game’s various features. When you have free time, send messages and participate in live chats. PK XD will make every effort to ensure that the in-game world is as accurate as possible.

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Chat with other players

You know a game is great when you can talk to other players and make new friends! Every day, you can meet new people and converse with them. Get to know them and add them to your collection of playable buddies. Then you can take part in various tasks and activities, such as eating ice cream, relaxing in floats, and playing other mini games! Whatever you’re doing, it’ll be more enjoyable if you do it with a friend! In this fantastic game, there’s no limit to how many friends you can make!

Have fun playing our website’s unlocked games.

Because the game has advertisements and in-game purchases, and you are unwilling to pay to unlock the entire game, it is preferable to play our version instead. You may receive infinite in-game money, a large number of unlocked stuff, and no bothersome advertising here.

Simply go to our website and download and install the PK XD Mod APK. To get it ready to eat, simply follow the specified directions.

It’s completely free to play.

Despite all of the fascinating features, Android gamers may still play the game for free on their mobile devices. As a result, you may quickly download it from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything. Feel free to use several of the game’s features that are easily accessible. However, if you want to play for as long as you like, you should use our mod.

Environmental Features

Epic 3D Visuals

The 3D graphics in PK XD are very well-designed. You’ll enjoy the game’s elements as well as the well-designed characters. Because the game is so colorful, it is best suited for children. But it’s the effects, above all, that make this game so amazing! Make an effort to form your own group of folks that enjoy themselves!

Immersive Sound Experience

Along with the stunning graphics, the game features intriguing sound effects and tunes that will keep you engaged in your dancing, mini-games, and daily tasks. In the game, you’ll always find yourself listening to fantastic music and experiencing stunning audio effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PK XD a safer alternative to Roblox?

PK XD is a kid-friendly version of Roblox. You may design your avatar and home in PK XD. You also go on adventures around the world. There will be no violence, although some masks may be frightening to very young children.

In PK XD, how can I get Unlimited Money?

By making new friends, build houses, and embark on exciting adventures!

Does PK DX have Chat Option?

Kids can use pre-programmed sentences and emojis to communicate with other participants.

What is the best way to APK PK XD Mod?

Then you’ll realize how much fun this game is! 2 PK XD Apk has the following features: 1.0.0 RAISING YOUR VIRTUAL ANIMAL

Is PK XD available for Android?

PK XD 0.45. 1 for Android is available for free download at

Is PK XD a fun game to play?

The conversation restrictions in PK XD – Explore the Universe may frustrate kids, but the canned, pre-set vocabulary is a safe way for children to speak. The fact that anyone may enter your virtual home is disheartening, but the limitations on conversation choices make it more unpleasant than dangerous.

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When did PK XD come out?

12th of July, 2019

In PK XD, how do I alter my name?

  • Click the cell phone icon on the left side of the screen to bring up the game menu
  • then click the gear icon (settings).
  • To change your nickname, select the “change nickname” option.
  • Keep in mind that some names aren’t available since they’re derogatory in some way.


The unique gameplay of PK XD will undoubtedly wow those of you who are interested in the exciting gameplay of life simulation. You can genuinely enjoy your online adventures with engaging online experiences, an open-world landscape to explore at your leisure, and a diverse cast of characters. Not to add how peaceful the gameplay is and how realistic the encounters are, the game will be a lot more enjoyable. Finally, our website’s free and unlocked version of the game will undoubtedly impress you.

What community say


PK XD has a consumer rating of 4.2 stars from 3,583,366 reviews indicating that most customers are generally enjoying their gameplay. Gamers satisfied with PK XD most frequently mention video sharing, social media and free shipping. PK XD ranks high among gaming apps.



February 4, 2022

don’t get me wrong, I love this game however my only main complaint is the huge difference in prices. The last time I played, everything was at a reasonable price and was usually less than 1000 coins. Now, everything’s 2000 and more. To me that is ridiculous and it would be 2k over the littlest thin…


Why asknow

February 5, 2022

I hate that every time I watch an ad to get a free chest it kicks me out of the game. I also hate how every time I try to play turbo race and flappy bird at the arcade after the first round it doesn’t let me press the play button of the back one so that makes me have to restart the game other than th.


Kayla Crockett

February 5, 2022

I love this game it’s so much fun there are new updates like now there are. download it now you can make friends. the friend limit is 100. that’s how much I have right now if you want to play with me I am under cool Kayla. So come have some fun. wow, they just brought cars into the game. Come play for f…


Meghan Lowder

February 9, 2022

I like this game a lot, and I don’t know if it is my device or the game. But it glitches every few weeks and I sometimes have to restart the whole thing. But otherwise pretty cool game. Thank you


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