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Frag Mod Apk v2.20.0 [Unlimited Diamonds]

Frag Mod Apk Pro Shooter (MOD APK, Money / Ammo / Ability ) is an excellent online shooting game with an interactive style and an online environment for gamers to utilize all of the combat possibilities or team tactics.



On the gaming market for all platforms, it has many different games from a wide variety of classics like shooting, strategy, racing, puzzle and more. But the Shooting Action genre is still one of the countless topics, even constantly evolving into hot variants to amuse players. Of course, they also combine many other factors for richer gameplay and break the limits of games, promising to bring countless new things to players.
A game that shows that the is FRAG Pro Shooter or referred to as FRAG is an action-shooting game, combined with MOBA – elements to create entirely new gameplay. Not only that, but the game is also competitive in which everyone has to work with teammates to win.


Most action games offer full-action gameplay so that the pace of each match is precise and the player needs to be flexible to get the best results. But FRAG ” is different as it requires his teammates to coordinate and even know the terrain, map the characters, etc. Because of this, the MOBA element is highlighted so that even players will enjoy a variety of game modes such as team battling, competitive, flag capture, etc. The diversity of the FRAG Pro Shooter gameplay is the highlight, as players can play with friends or even create professional teams to participate in countless exciting events.

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The game also introduces various 3D graphics that gives players many exciting experiences with the first-person shooter action genre. The game also introduces various 3D graphics that gives players many exciting experiences with the first-person shooter action genre.


Superb Transition.

The game offers a seamless transition, which allows moving after you die to another character.
This is an essential feature, as it helps to maintain the continuity of the gameplay. You can choose to take control over the character, which makes gaming more fun.

Different Playstyle.

Each character has a uniquely unique way to play the game.
As such, you’ll be forced to master the tricks used by your opponents in order to increase your chances of annihilation.

More than 20 Million Players.

This game is highly popular! It has more than 20 million players from all over the world. This way, you can be confident that you’ll interact with characters with different expertise levels.

Ability to Choose First Person and Third Person Views.

How would you like to control your character? Well, this game offers you an exceptional chance to decide whether to use the first person or third person views!

Co-op Mode

.This feature allows you to cooperate with your friends, thus creating a synergy enough to exterminate your rivals fast.

Unique Customization Options. 

You can modify the gameplay to reach unique attacking and defence styles.
You can also quickly change up to five characters, changing them as often as you want.


Since technology has grown a lot now, here we have got the FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK. It’s a modified game that is built with advanced scripts that tend to grant you unlimited resources, money, and an interruption-free game interface. So what’re you waiting for, Just go and download it right now from the link provided below. Enjoy!!!

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What Community Says


Frag has ‎1,552,772   reviews flag has a  4.3-star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Frag frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Frag is one of the most famous entertainment apps.



May 16, 2022
Just finished a game? Ad. Just waited 6 hours to unlock a chest? Ad. Claiming literally any reward? Ad. I refuse to support any game that is going to shove ads down my throat. At low levels there is 1 map. The gameplay is fun but repetitive, the whole ‘bots for teammates’ as a feature is not my styl.

May 2, 2022

I’ve been playing this game for 3 years, and overall it’s just incredible… but unfortunately the bugs are still around but they’ve finally reduced by a bit making the game easier to play through, so thanks for fixing that  However you really need to fix the advertisement system,

Chris Sneed

March 23, 2022
This game is far more impressive than I had initially imagined. It has controller support, so hook up your Razer Kishi or similar controller and get out there. That’s the first thing I try when getting a new mobile game. Once I found that out I had no problem throwing down $10 for the battle pass.
April 6, 2022
Game concept is good and game play is fun. However, ads are ridiculous and the matching system is horrible. For a normal game matching seems to be fair for the most part, but when it comes to events you are matched against higher players and you characters just seem to stand around and let them get.

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