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About Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash is a new game by game developer RobTop. It is a running game in which players enter a world and attempt to race around its borders as fast as possible. In the latest version of the game, there are other features like map packs, secret coins, a level editor, and user-created levels. But in order to proceed to the next level, it is not necessary to clear the previous level.


The puzzle game is getting harder the longer you are playing it. The gameplay speed can’t be sped up, but you can change the direction if you fall off of a block. The different obstacles can be avoided by just jumping over them.


  • Give rhythm-based platforming action.
  • Multiple layers with a unique soundtrack
  • Create and share your layers with the app
  • Unlock new colours to customize your character.
  • Try to fly a rocket, against gravity and more!
  • Use practice mode to improve your skills!
  • Gerry has lots of achievements and awards!
  • No third-party in-app purchases!
  • Challenge yourself with impossible tasks.

How to Install

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How do you install Geometry Dash?

Double-click the Geometry Dash APK file to open the APK file on your computer. In the new install window, click on “Install” to install the game. Then, open the Geometry Dash app from the Play Store.

Is Geometry Dash paid?

Geometry Dash was released for iOS and Android platforms in September 2017. At this time, it had seven-game levels, which are now generally free to play on the game’s free version.


The information provided by us shows why the Android and Windows version of the Geometry Dash game has so much popularity. It gives you every possible bit of info on the game’s functionality, storyline, characters and so on. And it explains why many people use the game in their daily lives. If you have already played the game of Geometry dash APK then let us know what type of experience you have felt while playing it in the comments below.

What Community Says


Geometry Dash has ·‎7,145 reviews Geometry Dash has an a3.3 star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users why geometry Dash mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Geometry Dash is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


Joseph B
August 6, 2022
Up until recently I only played the lite version of GD which was fine, but the full version is way better and much more entertaining! Lots of levels, the level editor, the user levels, the new daily & weekly levels, etc. many things to keep yourself occupied. The only issue I have is that the music doesn’t line with the gameplay. This may just be because of my device: an old Samsung tablet I got 5 years ago. It syncs fine in the editor, however. Other than this, I rate it 5 stars. NO ADS! Good Game. 24 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Terence Hawkins
August 3, 2022
Great game but other than that the hitboxes are great as well. it’s a great game no ads and it keeps you occupied for a long time. I can’t stop playing the perfect games. I got a few more ideas tho 1st is a new cube that is much like the space ship but a 2.0 2nd is a cube that has the ability to become immortal for three seconds but with a 20-second cooldown. But also I can’t update the game to 2.0. That’s all but a great game Robtop! 170 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Rowan The Stupid
August 4, 2022
The amazing game is normally, a true rage-worthy experience I have put countless hours in. However, we’re still waiting for 2.2. If that can’t happen soon, please do compatibility updates to the game for more recent phone/tablet versions, because when I play for more than 10 minutes the screen starts to lag behind because of the objects. It’s not that there are normally too many objects… it lags on stereo madness.

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