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Hayday Mod Apk v1.54.71 [Unlimited Coins, Gems, Seed] Download

Hayday Mod Apk Farm management games have long been popular among game players. The farm games have a calm, playful, serene country style that is ideal for amusing after a long day of studying and working. Hay Day MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Seeds), a delightful farm game by Supercell, is one of them.

Hayday Mod Apk



Hay Day was first announced in 2012, and after five years of development, it now supports both iOS and Android devices, making it simple for users to download and play one of the most popular farm games in the world. Of course, as a farm game, Hay Day will change you into a genuine farmer, with the farmer’s everyday tasks being replicated so you can earn a lot of money.


You will be the proprietor of a modest farm with houses, ranches, and rocky fields as Hay Day begins.
Get started with farming with some of Hay Day’s available seeds. Sow seeds and water them till they bloom. You can harvest and sell farm produce in the store for a lot of money at that time, which you can use to purchase more expensive plants and items.

You will earn experience points by gathering plants on the farm. After gaining enough experience, you will be improved, allowing you to access more products, plants, and other fascinating features. Plant seeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the pets you chose will appear on your farm.

Hay Days has a particular section dedicated to the plant life cycle. Some plants will wither if they are harvested three times. You won’t be able to help, but you can set up a ‘Help’ table and wait for your neighbours to start spraying water. Your plants will be picked three more times if it is “preserved,” until it is entirely withered and you must break them down to plant them.

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Features Hayday Mod Apk

In the Hay Day version, there are several features. The premium features are never available in the regular version of the game that can be downloaded from Google Play, but they are available in the mod version. In addition, you will have infinite diamonds, gold, seeds, and all other resources. You will be astounded by its mod features. The characteristics of this Mod APK have been detailed below. Read these if you want to learn more about the features.

Gems indefinitely

Buildings and animals benefit from gems. You may also purchase decorations for your farm. However, gems are quite scarce in this game. They may be purchased with real money or earned by fulfilling accomplishments. As a result, you don’t have much flexibility in how you employ them. However, in this mod, you will have limitless gems. You can speed up and finish the production.

Coins indefinitely

Animals, animal buildings, producing animals, and decorations are all purchased for coins. In this game, coins are utilised for almost everything. However, collecting coins for everything is a difficult chore. Collecting takes a long time. However, in this mod apk, you will get infinite coins. Purchase whatever you like.


If you have any queries, you can use the comment sections below to ask us anything about this Modded Apk.

Is it safe to install it?

Yes. This mod apk is absolutely safe and simple to install on your smartphone.

Is it necessary to root my device in order to install it?

No. Installation does not necessitate rooting your smartphone. It works on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones.

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What are the main features of this modified game?

no Glitter’s advertising is Unlimited – Gems.


There are a few public servers that can be found to be freely downloaded and played on the Internet.
The Hay Day, as well as Clash of Clans, has private servers on the web. Those private third-party servers have developed and modified the Hay Day game and are hosted on their servers. Those virtual servers feature unlimited resources such as golden gems, gold, seeds, and more in the private APKs. Most players of the modded version of Hay Day will encounter errors such as ” New Update Available or ” No Internet Connection and other issues that they usually face when playing the old version. In this article, we present the latest Hay Day Mod APK version and we ensure that you get the fixed mod version and get all of the information about the mod – app. If you’re facing a downloading or installation problem, feel free and comment below.

What Community Says?


Hayday has ‎12,736,582 reviews Hayday has a 4.5  -star rating on google play, indicating that most users are enjoying themselves. Users whoHayday frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Hayday is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


Ayleen Felix

April 29, 2022

I have played this game for a long time and its very entertaining for me. The derby gets you motivated to play and if you are competitive, thats an extra. The farm pass, which i have recently started purchasing comes with perks as you complete it.
Erahl Chao
May 6, 2022
I’m kind of mixed on this game. I’ve played it on and off since 2012, and really enjoyed it. A lot of cool new things were added like the town and fishing area. However, I’m afraid it’s turned into a cash grab. Things like the farm pass, popups about a discount on a microtransaction, etc.
May 7, 2022
Lovely, relaxing game that I’ve been playing for so many years. Recently got back to playing again and purchased their farm pass, but did not receive any rewards from paying. Contacted support twice and yet no response.

David Mangiaracina Jr

April 28, 2022

I absolutely LOVE this game! I’ve been playing hayday for about 8 years now, and it’s honestly my favorite farming game. I do have one pretty annoying problem though. When you unlock the extra truck help from the Farm Pass and after you’ve used your three bits of help for the truck the farm pass helps promp.

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