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Megapolis Mod Apk v5.70 [Unlimited Money] Free Download

Megapolis Mod Apk is the most popular city-building game available for Android smartphones. In this game, you can design and develop your own city. You can create any city and its infrastructure in this game. You may make buildings, airports, train stations, petrol stations, solar and atomic power plants and dwellings, etc. To construct your city, you can employ a variety of approaches and ideas.



Megapolis is compatible with Android gadgets including phones and tablets. In terms of visuals, the most recent edition of this game is more pleasing and useful.  This app is completely free and safe to install on your smartphone or tablet. it is one of the few and greatest city-building games for mobile phones. You may construct various building designs and city infrastructures. When you complete the achievements, you will be rewarded. 1


Lifelike buildings and monuments

State contests – Create your own state and compete in state contests Excellent infrastructure upgrade options include railways, airports, ring streets, subways, ships, and more.
Industrial complex – purchase and route assets

Navy base – create new weapons and enter the arms race

Research and development center – advance science to advance faster

We have something unique in store for you!

You can combine your efforts once a week as part of the State Contests to receive a Reward Chest. Complete state objectives to get experience and the ability to uncover a chest! The bigger the Chest and the more prizes you receive, the more experience you gain! Are you able to collect them all? Megabucks and other prizes are available. Interested? Then hurry up and go to the game!

Features Summary of Megapolis Mod Apk

  • A well-developed economic pattern that allows you to run your city successfully.
  • 3D graphics with stunning settings that are brilliantly rational.
  • There will be opportunities to invite friends and meet with people from adjacent cities.
  • Megapolis Unlimited Money Apk will be offered in the game entirely in the form of megabucks, coins, and cash, which can be used to purchase anything.
  • Exclusive Tasks—you’ll have a blast playing new missions and constructing new structures.
  • In the game, you can choose from a variety of architectural to construct various structures such as airports, roadways, workplaces, and schools.
  • Develop your state and participate in state competitions.
    Trains, airports, ring roads, subways, ships, and a slew of additional alternatives are all available for framework modifications.
  • Real-time interaction with some of the world’s most famous and well-known buildings.
  • Aside from tourism initiatives, players can construct industrial parks, transit networks, and scientific research projects, all of which have significant economic potential.
  • Appreciate the complete mod version of Megapolis Mod Apk for free.
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Features in Detail

Construct The Perfect Urban Infrastructure

Megacities are constantly growing! Create one of the busiest transportation hubs in history and provide all of civilization’s benefits to your citizens. Assemble infrastructure for a Ring Street for motor site visitors, a dense underground city, cargo and passenger train stations, airports with fleets of planes to send flights all over the world, and much more!

Win State Competitions

Collaborate with various mayors and participate in real-time state competitions. Once the weekly contest begins, score as many points as you can to gain rewards and climb the ranks in order to move through the Leagues. Participate in seasonal contests to earn even more valuable prizes. Become a high-ranking state and receive a unique state insignia as well as incentives that will help you build and beautify your city.

Construction Of An Industrial Complex

Create your own manufacturing system strategy. Create deposits, buy and sell assets, build factories, extract and process oil, and more. Build a navy base, research new weapons, and join the arms race. Choose your course and become a true industrial tycoon.

Set Up Realistic Structures And Monuments

Have you ever wanted to see Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty all in the same city? Now there’s a chance! Megapolis allows you to construct a wide range of well-known structures and monuments that are virtually identical to their real-life counterparts. Construct residences, skyscrapers, parks, and monuments to add to your metropolis in order to take advantage of the vista. Place structures in strategic locations to keep revenues coming and your city growing. There’s always something fresh and different happening in your city to make it stand out.

Science In Progress

Mayor! Your city urgently requires an analysis center in order to advance faster and conquer the territory. Find fresh supplies, progress research, and build a real spaceport to launch rockets into the house. Don’t forget to invest in high-tech equipment such as survey boats, atmospheric sounders, deep-submergence analysis vehicles, and more!

Construct the finest Megacity on the earth!

Installation Process

How to Install Megapolis Mod Apk on Your Smartphone

  • Install the megapolis city: village to town modapk game on your smartphone by going to the and downloading it.
  • Allow third-party apps to be installed on your phone.
  • Go to menu>security>unknown resources in the setting ad.
  • Turn on unknown resources and grant the necessary rights to install the program on your device.
    To download the file, go to the file manager or browser location and select yes.
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How to Install Megapolis Mod Apk on Your Computer

  • Download any program from Google that allows you to download apps  from to your computer.
  • The installation process is straightforward.
  • The bluestacks app will take some time to load at first.
  • The Google Play Store is preinstalled in the majority of software.
  • Now, look for the application that you want to install.
  • Install by clicking the install button.

Frequently Asked Questions Megapolis

Is Megapolis Mod Apk available for free?

Yes! This game is entirely free to play. This mod version allows for a large number of expenses to be made with no cost.

What is the best way to get unlimited money in Megapolis?

To obtain Megapolis Mod Apk Unlimited Megabucks, you must first obtain a free copy of the game’s mod version from our website. For nothing, you can get Unlimited Money, Unlimited Coins, and Megabucks. You can use this money to buy anything from the store later.

Does it contain any viruses?

It is not infected with any viruses. Download the most recent version, which looks fantastic. In the most recent version, there are no issues or bugs.

Is it safe to install the mod Apk file on my phone?

No, the app was not created with the intention of causing harm to any device. However, you should only download the Apk file from reputable sources to ensure that you are downloading the proper file.

What is the best way to play Megapolis?

You may learn how to play it by watching YouTube tutorials. It is, however, fairly simple and will guide you through the process as you open the game.

What are the best ways to get Megabucks in Megapolis?

In the mod version on this page, we have offered infinite megabucks, so you can spend as many as you want.

What are the best ways to make Megabucks in Megapolis?

You don’t need it because we’ve included an unlimited number of them in our version of the game.


The basic yet valuable interface of Urban Strategy mod apk has garnered a lot of praise. megapolis city is a building simulator. We’ve outlined two of the most effective methods for downloading and installing the game. You are free to use any of their approaches. Our objective is also to ensure you and give you information about harmful and unlawful apps. It would be preferable if you had to examine these items. Stay in contact with us for updates on applications and other resources.

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What Community Says


Megapolis has a consumer rating of 4.4 stars from 1,482,236 reviews indicating that most customers are generally enjoying their gameplay. Gamers satisfied with Megapolis most frequently mention video sharing, social media and free shipping. Megapolis ranks high among gaming apps.


Stacy Ritman

March 22, 2022
I don’t like these game because it is not used the right material you need especially the building you are refixing is all wrong and these game is getting bored to play, so I uninstalled because you have to used cash to expand the area.These game is not fair to play.

Cave Bandit

March 20, 2022

VERY FUN BUT…. at this rate it will take years to really get anywhere. The game is highly detailed and has tons of fun aspects, but I really wish it was coin based only (money made by me in the game) and not so based on megabucks (money made by watching 2 ads every 4 hours). This makes it very dif…


March 8, 2022

It’s hard to enjoy this game, at least in my opinion. Gathering the specialized materials is always rough, and the missions don’t give you enough materials to carry on. I know it’s a part of the game, but I think it would be better if you could manufacture them, and even if it takes several hours to…

Michelle Smith

February 6, 2022

The game gives you plenty to do, which I do like, however I feel this game is way over the top in things to do. I’d like the game a lot more if there was less “upgrades” to be done and less areas that in essence are like starting a town within a town. Like most of these games it would be nice if sup…

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