With impending Play Store improvements, Google is giving a bone to Android tablets.

With impending Play Store improvements, Google is giving a bone to Android tablets.

On tablets and foldables, Google will soon make it easier to find “high-quality” apps and games.What you should know

Last year, Google said that it will be making changes to the Play Store in order to improve app discovery across a variety of devices.

Google will soon make “high-quality” apps available on tablets with larger screens.

Users will also be cautioned of “low-quality” apps that aren’t designed for tablets or foldable devices.

Google appears to be working hard to make Android tablets great again, and the firm announced on Wednesday how the Play Store will assist improve the app experience.

Google disclosed improvements to the Play Store in a post on the Android Developer Blog, including those that it has already announced. The initial upgrade will appear “in the coming months” and will give preference to apps that adhere to Google’s large-screen quality criteria. This means that anyone browsing the Play Store on one of the top Android tablets will see apps that have been optimized for larger screens.

On the other hand, Google will begin informing users of non-optimized apps on larger screen devices. Users will be greeted with alerts that will set specific expectations about apps that aren’t developed for tablets or foldables, according to the report. Later this year, Google expects to share more details about the adjustment.


Finally, Google explains how it will begin surfacing ratings and reviews based on the device you’re using, such as a tablet, Android Auto, or Wear OS. Last year, Google announced this adjustment in the goal of providing consumers with more relevant app context based on their device. For example, the tablet version may be under-optimized, resulting in a lower rating, whereas the smartphone app may perform admirably and receive a higher rating. Users will know what to anticipate from their gadgets in this manner, and developers will have a better understanding of where they need to improve.

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