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A fighting game is Real Boxing. On your Android, it offers the most authentic grappling experience. Put on your gloves, enter the ring, and begin your ring career. Obtain the Join Real Boxing app here. Simply click the download button up top. Once the APK files have finished downloading, install the app.

Real Boxing.
Real Boxing.

The gameplay of Real Boxing

Real Boxing is a compelling game of skill and talent. The basic options are primarily cosmetic, from the customization of your boxer, its ability, and even its finer details. You can access these options by simply tapping on the screen to use a variety of punches and combinations or swiping to attack your opponent. Dodge and block hits by tapping boxes or swiping to the side of your screen. A feature-packed best hud boxing app game, Punch Boxing works surprisingly well on touchscreens. It controls fine with the gestures or control how you would visually. One can use punches to batter your opponent, outfit your boxer, and even fight with a second player on the same device simulating a position of great skill. Rel Boxing 2 offers a free trial, which can be downloaded from either the Android or iOS store

Ways to play

  • Your boxer is capable of throwing hooks, uppercuts, and right and left jabs.
  • Timing your swipes is the foundation of real boxing. 
  • The direction you swipe determines which hand you punch with. 
  • To further safeguard your boxer, there are buttons for blocking and dodging. 
  • However, if you block three consecutive punches, you will be stunned, and if you time your dodge incorrectly, you could be knocked out. 


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Online or offline, what is real boxing?

Quick Fight allows you to continue to play a short piece of Real Boxing 2 even when you are not connected to any network. However, we strongly advise playing Real Boxing 2 online if you want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Real boxing is free?

Play a free online boxing game! Simply click to launch the Boxing game. We have the best boxing game series ready for you! Accept the test!

Will there be a boxing game on PS5?

For real boxing, here is an image. Apk  Big Rumble was released on September 3rd. The upcoming instalment of the popular film series, Boxing: Creed Champions, was created for consoles rather than VR devices this time. While technically a PS4 game, this one will work with the PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility.

In what location do you box?

Picture obtained from Real Boxing.Apk The area where a boxing bout is held is called a boxing ring. A contemporary ring is positioned on a raised platform and has four parallel rows of ropes fastened with turnbuckles to posts at each corner of the square shape.

Do PCs have any MMA games?

MMA Ultimate on Steam. A mixed martial arts fighting game is called Ultimate MMA. Play with friends while competing in the tournament, unlocking new moves and creating distinctive warriors.

Does Steam have any boxing games?

The most thrilling, no-holds-barred boxing experience on Steam is brought to you by Real BoxingTM. You’ll be sure to feel every hook, jab, and uppercut thanks to the incredible graphics created utilising the potent Unreal Engine and including ultra-realistic motion capture from real boxers.

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Why does EA no longer produce Fight Night?

To concentrate on the next EA Sports UFC game, the publisher has chosen to “temporarily suspend its core work” on the unnamed Fight Night game. EA Canada personnel received word via a studio-wide email that EA Sports UFC 5, which is scheduled for release in late 2022, will take priority.

Can I use my PS4 to play Fight Night?

With the release of Fight Night Champion as a fully customised digital download accessible only on PSN, we are once more providing players with a novel experience by allowing them to personalise it to suit their specific gaming requirements.

What Community Says


Real Boxing. has ‎898,902 reviews read Boxing. has a 4.5 -star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Real Boxing. frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Real Boxing. is one of the most famous entertainment apps.

Jonathan casados
August 17, 2022
Lost all of my progress after playing for weeks and hours on end to win a tournament. It asked me to connect my Facebook and I was above level 100 and my stats were all above 100. Once I connected to my Facebook it created a different account and started me back at 0. I tried to contact support but nothing has happened to resolve my issue. I loved the game until that happened. If they can fix this issue I will write a better review. Did you find this helpful?
June 18, 2022
I was really excited about this game. The gameplay is great, but everything is pretty much awful. The pay-to-win mechanics are visible from the first fight. An endless string of equipment and power ups that can be bought with 3 forms of in-game currency. Then there are the ads. Oh God, the ads in this game. And not your typical ads, we’re talking 45-90 second ads you have to close 4 times between every fight, followed by 3 offers to purchase the ad-free version. It’s….”Unreal”…lulz. 460 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Vivid Games S.A.
June 20, 2022
Hi Mike! Feedback like this is crucial for us as they clearly show where we need to improve to make the game more enjoyable for our players. In-game balance is very important for us, as we want to make it both entertaining and challenging. We are sorry if you found the ads too intrusive. We will try to improve and evaluate them. Thank you!
August 1, 2022
Ads are galore. Admittedly, the game is fun, but the ads are overwhelming. It feels like every time you click the screen, you’re forced to view an ad. There is more ad time than actual gameplay. Nothing kills a game like greed. EDIT: It was suggested to me by the devs that I should purchase something in order to remove the ads…If they had been transparent with their customers and made a “Lite” and “Pro” version, I probably would have purchased the Pro version.

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