BLOKADA MOD APK v5.22.0 [Premium/Unlocked All] For Android



The well-known ad blocker and privacy app for Android and iOS is called Blokada. Blokada Mod Apk A small app called blokada discreetly disables annoying and displaying, it safeguards your privacy, conserves. by prohibiting used unused content from downloading and display, it safeguards your privacy, conserves data, and speeds up your device. These ads are unwanted and annoying. They also have harmful rituals. Rationale The extra ads that appear on your screen can harm your battery.

How to Turn Ad-Block On.

When you turn on blakada for the first time, it shows you the centred. The main part will be greeted with a screen that shows a mirror of the power button When you select it, it will open.

Features Blokada Mod Apk

  • Blokada Easily available for iOS.
  • You can easily use it on any platform that supports DNS.
  • Blocks ads and trackers.
  • Very useful for better protection.
  • Prevents extra display ads on your screen.
  • Trusted and forever free.

How to Install

  • Download Blue Kedah Mod Apk.
  • Can download apk stall without using internet wifi.
  • You can do your work easily by opening this installer.
  • Let it install completely in the Android device.
  • Open the mod apk and enjoy free unlimited resources.


Is Blokada the best ad blocker?

Yes, Brokada is an excellent ad blocker. blokada blocks ads on Android. It also uses VPN to prevent additional ads from appearing on your phone.

Yes, there is no doubt about it Because it is absolutely safe and secure to install Blokada is not allowed on Google Play. Because it interferes with Google’s business.

Does Blokada app on android block Facebook app?

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Yes, if you do blokada Install in your mobile, then it does not run Facebook.

Does Blokada work on TV?

Yes Blokada works on TV. because blokada is a free third-party application that also blocks Advertisements and Tracks. blokada Works on Android devices as well as TV.

Does Blokada slow your internet?

Yes Blokada+ slows internet speeds when VPN is on.

Does blokada Affects speed?

blokada itself does not affect Wi-Fi and data speeds. while blokada has some blocklists that slow down Wi-Fi.

What surpasses Blokada?

For a number of operating systems, such as Android, Google Chrome, Firefox, iPhone, and Android Tablet, there are more than 50 Blokada substitutes. The most effective substitute is uBlock Origin, which is both open source and free. The programmes AdGuard, Adblock Plus, Pi-hole, and uMatrix are also excellent alternatives to Blokada.

Is Blokada a VPN as well?

An improved VPN for use with Blokada is called Blokada Plus. You obtain one of the most powerful encryptions with little negative effect on speed and battery life. You can feel secure using the VPN with Blokada’s tried-and-true content blocking capability because your private online activities will remain private.


blokada is an excellent app that blocks ads from appearing on your phone using vpn.  Apart from safe them. YouTube blocks videos ads like TikTok Facebook. There is downside to this That It does not include all store features.


Metaphysical Philanthropist
September 23, 2022

I really liked this app I used this paid version for a few year. It does not seem competent and reliable
This leads to various problems.

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August 1, 2022

You Don’t get me wrong Because it was working fine before That is, we are often forced to pay subscriptions that are free, causing us losses. Because they work well at first and harm later So we must act carefully  Now I have to find another block to use.

Dear User, thank’s for your comments and feedback. Blokada 6 uses a cloud server to block ads, which comes with no battery usage, no noticeable effect on device speed and network speed. Sadly, in order to maintain the service, we need to pay the cloud server cost. We would like to invite you to use Blokada 5 from our website, it’s completely free



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