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Score Hero Apk Mod v2.75 [Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Money] free on android

Score Hero Apk Mod is a simulation app which has realistic graphics. Be the hero as you explore Score Hero’s innovative football gameplay and take part in realistic football matches in a completely new way. The game’s authors paid close attention to realism, therefore it includes genuine data on over 4000+ real players, 60+ real associations, and hundreds of real teams. The gameplay, on the other hand, combines a comprehensive model of club management with a full-fledged game simulator, with a large development system that will gather the best squad and configure each player as needed.

The game Score Hero mod apk will surely benefit from improved administration, fantastic visuals, and a comfortable camera location. As a result, rather than taking part in all of the events during a match, you’ll be thrust into vital scenarios that will test your finesses and skills.

Using the game’s easy touch controls, make fantastic passes to open up opportunities for your teammates or unleash devastating shots that will burn the net. Curve the ball in the direction you want it to go while leaving your opponents standing.

With our evaluations, you can learn more about this fantastic game from First Touch Games.



Players can design their own unique football player in the game, then follow his dramatic career as you find yourself in a variety of scenarios where you’re really behind in the game. Use your incredible skills and tactical ability to turn the situation around as you emerge victoriously.

Score Hero’s unique football career gameplay is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Discover a variety of challenges in and out of the game that will require you to make quick and decisive judgments based on the circumstances.

So stay cool, give it your all, and become the best footballer the world has ever seen.

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Features of Score Hero Apk Mod


  • The Score! Hero Game has the following features:
    Score! Hero offers over 580 levels of hard action in which you can score goals, win trophies, move football clubs, and most importantly, represent your country. This is a proud moment!
  • The game’s most crucial feature is its 3D gameplay. The graphics are almost lifelike, and it doesn’t feel like you’re playing on your Android device at all. All of the shots are quite crisp and fluid thanks to the 3D gameplay.
  • Using the customizing feature in the Score! Hero, you may make your hero completely mirror your quality attributes. This feature gives the game a more personal sense when playing.
  • The game’s awesomeness comes from the fact that it uses artificial intelligence to automatically respond to the ball’s passes, making each game unique. This function ensures that the user never gets bored while playing Score! Hero.
  • The game also allows you to play with your friends by connecting the app to your Facebook account. It is stated that playing a game with your buddies makes it more enjoyable.
  • You can also sync Score! Hero with Google Play, allowing you to play the game from any device as long as you have your Google account login information. You may access the Google Play Store achievements and trophies by syncing your game to the Google Play Store.
  • The Score! Hero’s narrative is both entertaining and inspiring. The story of a regular guy’s metamorphosis into a hero, and then into a football legend, with the acquisition of skills during the game.
  • Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features:


There are hundreds of levels to explore

Score Hero now has over 660 levels to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the fascinating and addictive gameplay. Each one has its own set of features and difficulties that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

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Not to mention that the game’s increasing difficulty will keep it interesting for as long as feasible. With each update, more levels are added, and you’ll find yourself loving the game even more.

Customize your hero player as you see fit

Create fantastic characters with distinct looks and personalities to use on the battlefield. Compete against the top players in the game while bringing honor to your country. Gamers in Score Hero will have access to fully customizable character customizations right away. You can design unique characters with a wide range of characteristics, such as haircuts, facial hair, physics, uniforms, numbers, accessories, and more.

In addition, there are in-game customizations that you can apply if you want to change your appearance once you’re in the game.

Explore the game’s intriguing career mode

As soon as you start playing Score Hero, you’ll be able to access the fantastic career mode, where you’ll embark on your own adventure. Begin at the bottom and work your way up the ranks to be able to play for some of the top teams in the globe. Take on a variety of opponents and always battle as hard as you can to come out on top.

However, the spectacular career you’re about to embark on isn’t going to end there. In fact, while living the life of a player, you’ll experience many ups and downs. Engage in one-of-a-kind stories that will transform your entire career. Many opportunities await you in the future.

Gameplay that is both intuitive and addictive

Score Hero introduces gamers to the incredibly accessible gameplay in addition to the basic controls. With intuitive features, you can rapidly become familiar with the game and improve your skills. However, don’t think you’ve conquered the game just yet; the future stages will only get more difficult. But don’t worry, you’ll keep coming back for more thanks to the addictive gameplay.

Become the best footballer in the world and bring your country fame

In Score Hero, you’ll learn to become a vital team player while fulfilling your childhood ambitions. Cooperate well with your colleagues, hone your skills, learn new methods, and so on.

Try your hardest to defeat your opponents, acquire prizes, collect trophies, and represent your country in the world’s most prestigious competitions. Bring honor and glory to yourself and your country.

Advanced football strategy and in-depth football gameplay

Aside from the dramatic events that occur throughout your career, gamers in Score Hero will be introduced to in-depth football gameplay through immersive football matches. There will be numerous important situations in which you will find yourself.

It’s critical that you adapt to the circumstances and come up with the finest solutions possible. Select the appropriate tactics, execute deft passes to create opportunities, and more. You’ll gain access to the game’s in-depth tactic aspects thanks to upgraded AI that responds intelligently to your actions.

Regularly attend events to earn incredible rewards

As you immerse yourself in the fantastic career gameplay, the game introduces frequent events in which you and your squad can participate. Find yourself competing in epic events for your squad, winning medals and glory. Of course, you’ll have plenty of loot to choose from.

Never let your progress slip away

If you want to secure your in-game progress, simply connect the game to the Google Play Cloud, which will store your progress automatically anytime you’re online. It also syncs your saved files across numerous devices. As a result, whether you’re playing on a phone or a tablet, you can pick up where you left off.

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Play the game on your own or with the help of the Internet

Furthermore, the makers of Score Hero have included offline gaming to make the game the ultimate portable game that you can enjoy on your mobile devices. It allows you to enjoy the game’s spectacular football moments whenever you’re ready, with or without an Internet connection.

It’s completely free to play

Score Hero is now labeled as a free game on the Google Play Store, despite all of its great features. As a result, you may effortlessly install it on your devices without paying anything. This makes it ideal for those on a tight budget.

Engage in entertaining matches with your buddies

And if you’ve been finding single-player gaming to be a little too easy recently, you might want to check out the intriguing multiplayer matchup. Simply connect the game to your Facebook account to view all of your friends who are also playing. Invite your friends to fantastic football battles and a variety of other challenges.

Global Reputation

Furthermore, you can compete with other online gamers from across the world by achieving accomplishments or competing for a high ranking on the leaderboards. Play football and be the victorious player. In this thrilling adventure, find out who will be the first to reach the summit.

With our mod, you’ll have infinite money

Score Hero Apk Mod provides the necessary benefit of having unlimited money in the game, allowing the user to make any purchase he or she desires without having to worry about the cost of the things. This edge will encourage the player to put out his or her best effort from the start.

Furthermore, if you want to have an even more pleasurable gaming experience, you should definitely check out the intriguing mod that we have available. With our Score Here Mod APK, you can effortlessly remove the bothersome commercials while still gaining access to infinite money capabilities. In this game, you are free to buy whatever you like.

Quality of Sight and Sound

Video – GFX

Score Hero brings gamers to the next-gen football experience on the mobile platform with spectacular 3D graphics. Furthermore, the spectacular cut scenes and excellent animations will introduce gamers to new and exciting gaming experiences. It’s like if you’re immersed in a good story in which you’re the main character.

Audio – SFX

It’s difficult not to fall in love with this game because of the immersive auditory experiences provided by the enthusiastic supporters and the exact sound effects used throughout the contests.


On some devices, the MOD version may be disabled.

How to Install Score Hero Apk Mod

The steps for installing this MOD are as follows. They should be followed.

  • Score Hero MOD APK can be downloaded from the supplied link.
  • Go to your download folder in your file manager.
  • Tap on the apk file you just downloaded.
  • If this is your first time installing an app from an unknown source, enable the permission. Otherwise, you can skip this step.
  • Then press the install button and wait for it to finish.
  • Now open the app you just installed and start scoring goals to become the number one player in the world.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In Score Hero, which teams can you play for?

You can expect to face Leeds, Hull, Derby, Leicester, Newcastle, Manchester, Chelsea, and Liverpool on a regular basis. If you want diversity, you’ll have to work hard to earn a glamorous transfer to the continent.

Is installing Score Hero MOD APK safe?

Yes  installing Score Hero MOD APK safe

Is it possible to rewind the incorrect moves?

Yes  it is possible to rewind the incorrect moves

Is there also a Score Hero 2 game?

Yes, The sequel to the first UK football game is SCORE HERO 2, includes licensed, real-world football clubs and leagues.

How many seasons does Score Hero have?

Walkthrough for Score Hero. The game is divided into a number of seasons, namely 32 seasons. You must play a specific number of matches each season. You will be asked to choose any member on the team at the start of the game (defender, striker or goalkeeper).

Is there an endless amount of money in this mod?

Yes. In this mod, not only money but also energy is limitless.

In Score Hero, how far can you go?

The game’s 640 levels are arranged into 32 seasons, each with 20 games or training sessions. The first section of the game will be simple to complete, but as the game goes, more goals will be required.


Score Hero MOD APK gives you limitless money and energy, as well as over 700 levels filled with fresh challenges. You do not have to pay anything for it. By competing in the events, you can acquire additional medals and glory. Create your own character, win every match, and rise to the top. Simply download and install Score Hero MOD APK to show them what you’ve got. Keep checking back to see what fresh mods we’ve added. Have a pleasant day/night!

Note: If you’re having trouble downloading or installing, please leave a remark below.

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What Do People Say?


Score Hero has a consumer rating of 4.4 stars from 643,778 reviews indicating that most users are generally enjoying their Game-play. Gamers satisfied with Score Hero most frequently mention video sharing, social media and free shipping. Score Hero ranks high among Football Gaming apps.


David Vinther

January 14, 2022If I can’t do it, that’s fine, but 90% of the time you lose the ball through things you can’t control. Have any of the devs of this game ever even watched soccer? The guy is running in to score and what does he do? Turns away from the goal to kick to a covered teammate behind him… a really stupid game at Tim…



December 7, 2021

In terms of gameplay, it’s awesome but I just don’t really like the heart system, all I wanna do is play the game without the thought of knowing that I’m going to run out of life if I keep messing up. Overall I just wanna play for free, to be honest.


Romaine Francis

January 31, 2022

love the look of the players in the first one. The players in this one are not realistic. very poor



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