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BATTLELANDS ROYALE MOD APK v2.9.7 [Unlimited Money/Health] For Android

Battlelands Royale is a topdown shooter where players do battle in a variety of arenas using a variety of weapons. Battlelands Royale Mod apk The game is fastpaced and features a variety of game modes, including a Battle Royale mode where players must fight to be the last person standing. The game is freetoplay and features inapp purchases for cosmetic items.



Battlelands Royale is a top-down shooter where players do battle in a variety of arenas. The game features a variety of modes, including a Battle Royale mode where players must fight to be the last person standing. There is also a team deathmatch mode and a capture the flag mode. The game is played from a top-down perspective and features a variety of weapons and power-ups.

Features Battlelands Royale Mod apk

  • You can’t skip Battlelands Royale if you’re looking for a fast-paced action game where you can engage in thrilling fast-paced battles against opponents from across the world.
  • The game’s distinguishing characteristic is that you can use all of the items that are at your disposal and choose the ideal hero according to your preferences.
  • The Royale contains a variety of activities, such as a straightforward versus quick game, a difficult tower defence game, and even a difficult action-packed fantasy game.
  • There are several heroes from which to choose, including Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Arthur, Mordred, Sir Gaheris, Sir Freyas, and Sir Galahad, the son of Arthur.

How to Install

1. Download the Battlelands Royale Mod Apk file from the link provided.

2. Install the Battlelands Royale Mod Apk.

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3. Follow the instructions provided in the Battlelands Royale Mod Apk.

4. Enjoy the Battlelands Royale Mod Apk.


Who is the game’s owner?

Battlelands Royale Mod Apk image results With a deal to acquire Finland’s Futureplay, Plarium, which has 390 million midcore mobile and PC users, is now stepping into the casual market. The cost was kept a secret by the businesses. Merge Gardens, Battlelands Royale, and Idle Farming Empire are just a few of the games created by Helsinki-based Futureplay.

Zombsroyale is it free?

You can play the first 40 levels for free.

When was finska born?

Use a chunk of wood, skill, and strategy to destroy both friends and foes! the outdoor, compulsively entertaining log-throwing game that gave rise to Planet Finska. Finska, a race to exactly 50 points, has remained our best selling from its 2009–2010 release and has gained a tonne of popularity across Australia.

Does Lilith have Chinese roots?

Leading mobile game creator in China is Lilith Games Technology Co., Ltd. The business was founded in March 2013 and is financed by venture capital firm IDG Capital Partners. The goal of Lilith Games is to give every player the best possible experience while developing top-notch mobile games.

How popular is Battlelands?

For 3-5 players, Battlelands is a quick-paced game of turf war.

Is it possible to install master Royale?

How Can Android Users Play Master Royale? Once Master Royale has been downloaded into an Android device, playing it is simple. To install apk files through Chrome, you must first enable your Unknown Sources setting.

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Kids can play finska, right?

We especially enjoy Finska because it allows children of all ages—from newborns to grandparents—to play together. On Christmas Day, we play in mixed-age teams, and regardless of dexterity, everyone may throw a log and possibly win the game!

Whom did Lilith date?

Brian (James Morrison), an MIT seismologist who appears in just one episode of “Adventures in Paradise, Part Two,” becomes Lilith’s husband (1994).

What Community Says?


Battlelands Royale Mod has  ‎511 reviewsBattlelands Royale Modd has a 3.4  star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Battlelands Royale Mod frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Battlelands Royale Mod is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


Ford Beckett (Idk how to review a game)

July 5, 2022

Pretty awesome ngl. But it still need some improvement. First a graphics setting. Second a offline mode (PLS). And more optimisation. But the game stole a lot of assets the first thing that really need to change is the main menu and the music that play before the Battle. When all that remove the game will safe from getting copyright strike. Even though it’s a rip off to revenfield. Still a fine game -Review from New Zealand 42 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
SCP-3812 [The Voice Behind Me]
September 18, 2022
Great game with greatly massive potential to be in top 50 or even top 10 most popular mobile games. I can list out 4 things to help you improve the game. Firstly is offline-online support, just like some few mobile fps games such as CM:Mobile and Polyfield. Secondly is better graphics mainly the screen resolution. Thirdly, Better and more settings mainly for controls/buttons and control’s UI. Lastly, greatly reduce ads. That’s all, wish the best of luck with the game!!!! 8 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Amir 45azari
May 14, 2022
Very good.but this game have some problems.It does not have difficulty and ease. Second, the game only has control and does not have difficulty and ease of play and game graphics adjustment. Third, friends and enemies do not use different grenades and rifles during the game, and they all have the same rifle.


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