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Phoner Mod Apk is an app that allows you to change your phone number. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app is very useful if you want to change your number for privacy reasons or if you want to change your number for business purposes. The app is very easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to change your number.

Phoner Mod apk


Features Phoner Mod Apk

  • A free credit to eligible users for free first-time download No registration is necessary.
  • Telephoning internationally or domestically is free
  • Make a call anonymously at no FEAR to you Fake your voice and have fun with your friends
  • You’ll get unlimited credits and money while free during the subscription

How to Install


The function of the Phoner app.

Using a random phone number generator, Phoner Free provides you with as many phone numbers as you need. Protect your privacy and hide your caller ID. You may use these limitless fictitious phone numbers to verify your identity for services like Twitter, Uber, Craigslist, Ebay, and Facebook.

Is it free to use phoner?

Your go-to app for generating a free phone number is Phoner. You may use the provided free credits to make international calls and text messages in more than 35 countries by simply downloading the app.

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How can I obtain a free second line number?

We’ve compiled a tonne of various phone number applications in this article that can help you add a second line to your phone.

App 2ndLine is it free?

With a second number on your phone and free calls and SMSs to the US or Canada, 2ndLine is a free, feature-rich software. Contrary to competing applications like Numero eSIM or Hushed, 2ndLine doesn’t pressure you into subscribing and is totally free to use.

Can the phoner app be found?

Better for privacy is a second actual cell phone and number. Important Information: Virtual phone number providers like Burner, Phoner, Hushed, and similar apps are neither anonymous nor untraceable.

Phoner app: Is it anonymous?

Phoner is ideal for both personal and professional requirements and protects your identity without obligations or contracts. Get a free number from us right now! Use our online app or download Phoner for iOS and Android.

Which nation offers 2ndLine?

Only in the US and Canada are 2ndLine app shops accessible.

Can you track a private number?

Can I track secret, banned, or obfuscated phone numbers? Calls from private or restricted lines may frequently be tracked. Unknown, unavailable, or out-of-area calls cannot be traced, however, as they lack the information required for a successful trace.

How can you determine if a person is messaging using an app?

You may start by looking up the caller ID of the phone. The person utilising a messaging app most likely owns the number advertised as a text or calling number. If the utilised number is associated with a messaging app, it may be determined by checking the call history. As a result, it is simple to determine if someone is using a messaging app.

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Can cops track text-free apps?

Users may use the applications to make calls as well as send text messages. However, because the applications give the calls and messages random phone numbers, the recipient is unable to identify the caller. Users cannot, however, maintain their anonymity during criminal investigations. Records may be accessed by police using both applications.

What Community Says?


Phoner has  941,370  reviews Phoner has a 4.6 -star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Phoner frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Phoner is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


Mike Emmer
September 16, 2022
Have used this app forever with no issues. Till the new update now I can’t even look at my contacts or call any of them. It just closes as soon as I try to open it. I have done all of the restart and clearing that I can think of. Even took it to my carrier and they couldn’t help me either. Very upset with this and may have to download a different app if not working today!!!!!
Brittani Grogg
September 17, 2022
it use to be a great phone app…after the last couple of updates, I can’t say that anymore. I oy receive half my phone calls, it takes forever to dial out or connect to a call (with full service and)or full wifi), and my “visual voicemail” has literally never worked or even shown me what to do to get it to work, besides “call voicemail to finish setup”- I call my voicemail, it never says anything about setting it up. I would give it at least four stars if I would just receive all my calls.
August 19, 2022
Overall, I like this dialer for the OnePlus 8, however there is one thing that’s incredibly frustrating. When you receive an incoming call, you will either get a notification bar at the top or you’ll get the full screen incoming call. With either, you have to either accept or reject the call, or just let the screen sit there until the caller hangs up. There needs to be an option to ignore the call (particularly for scam calls).

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