Instagram Story Saver Apk

Instagram Story Saver Apk



An explanation of Instagram Story Saver for Instagram app makes it simple to save your Instagram videos and photographs to your device. Every post type is accepted. Among the various items you can view and store are IGTV, reels, stories, highlights, and profile images. Download the associated caption, tags, location, tagged users, story music, etc. for the video and photo.

Instagram Story Saver Apk
Instagram Story Saver Apk

Features packed

  • Instasave allows you the freedom to zoom in and out on the Instagram material you’re looking at in addition to enabling you to download and save video and photo content.
  • With the help of this tool, Instagram videos may be played again with features like fast forward and rewind. Additionally, it’s simple to copy the hashtags from the Instagram post, which will save you time.
  • Instagram posts may be shared on other platforms outside Instagram, such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Weibo, and WeChat.
  • This is one of the most effective Instagram tools available, and it can be utilised in the simplest method.
  • In the app, the top-right corner of the screen will have an Instagram emblem.
  • You may access your Instagram account right from the app thanks to this feature

On Android, how to download Instagram Stories.

By visiting, you may easily download your Instagram stories on an Android smartphone while using Chrome, the most reliable web browser. Just take the required actions to quickly save the stories you want to download to your device.

How to download stories to a laptop running Windows or Mac

The first step is to open in the most recent version of Google Chrome, which is advised. The processes can then be used to download stories or highlights. Using VLC Player, you may view downloaded video files.

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FAQs Instagram Story Saver

Story Saver App: What Is It?

A software called Story Saver for Instagram allows you to save all Instagram “stories” to your device’s internal memory. All you need to get started is an Instagram user account.

Story Saver App: Is it secure?

It’s entirely safe to use our Instagram story saver. To see stories or features and download data to your PC, phone, tablet, or other devices, utilise our Instagram Story viewer. For Android users, we have developed a fantastic app called SaveFrom story saver for Instagram, which you can see below.

What video platform is everyone on Instagram using?

Yet another well-liked Instagram video editing programme is Adobe Premiere Rush. You can use it to record, edit, and share your videos. Additionally, you may make your films accessible on all other Creative Cloud products.

StorySaver is anonymous, right?

It is important to know that users of the Story Saver app can access Instagram stories under a pseudonym. Users of this app can download any of their preferred tales directly to their devices.

If someone captures your Instagram, how can you tell?

If you capture a screenshot of a picture or a video that someone has uploaded from their camera roll or gallery, Instagram doesn’t let them know. Additionally, the user will not be informed when screenshots of other non-disappearing content in DMs (such as posts from feeds or text messages) are taken.

Is it obvious if I follow someone on Instagram?

“Users of Instagram are unable to determine which users are accessing their profiles the most frequently. Instagram Stories is the only platform where you can publicly see who is viewing your content.

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What do Instagram stalkers do?

Instagram stalking is the practice of utilising the social networking site to learn details about another person, typically without that person’s knowledge or with their express agreement.

What Community Says


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Turbo Buick

June 3, 2022

Reels, videos and photos don’t download. Some stories download sometimes and there’s no option to go to specific pages. 22 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
joan tolentino
June 3, 2022
This app has a lot to improve. Put a setting section. Put a dark mode option, a timestamp, and a date in a filename when a file is downloaded 21 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Mike DiMichele
March 23, 2022
The app works great except I can’t figure out how to download multiple posts even though there’s a little box in the corner for each one. You can download multiple stories and reels but not multiple posts. Maybe you can tell me how?


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