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The basic objective of the unique Battle Royale game Rocket Royale APK is to construct a rocket and leave the island! You must gather crafting materials from falling meteors to accomplish this. Naturally, other players will attempt to steal your rocket, so protect it! To protect your positions, gather wood and construct a fort. By creating and erecting covers around you, the original battle royale game shows a lot of strategies! Every building is 100% destructible and can be taken apart or demolished! There are no diminishing dead zones or parachutes in Rocket Rocket Royale, but you can use portals to go about the island.


Android players will encounter a brand-new FPS challenge in the game that is modelled around the traditional Battle Royale components. Here, you can participate in thrilling online competitions with players from across the globe. You suddenly find yourself alone on an unfamiliar island with no supplies or weapons. You traverse the terrain in search of new plunder as you prepare for your own survival adventures.

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Rocket Royale is an online multiplayer game that enables you to play against players from all around the world. You play an alien pilot in the game Rocket Royale who is searching for hidden treasures on many planets throughout our galaxy. You come into other alien pilots who try to shoot you down as you fly over various planets. To fend off these attacks and gather as many valuables as you can, you must use your flying abilities. When you have a sufficient amount of loot, you can return to your home planet and purchase brand-new fighter jets and potent weapons that will aid you in defeating other players.


Playing style for the Rocket Battle Royale.
Everything can be destroyed! authentic sandbox mode
Make whatever you can, including defences, forts, towers, sky bridges, etc.
online matches with 25 players that take place in real-time.
Play online games with your buddies by connecting to your friend list.
highest possible FPS (frames-per-second).
plenty of weapons and loot can be found.
avast, unbound battlefield.


Is Rocket Royale playable online?

Rocket Royale multiplayer allows up to three players per team in Solo, Duo, and Squad modes. There are no false bots online; all gamers are actual individuals!

Is the game Rocket Royale offline?

Free Offline Download for the game Rocket Royale | Android APK Market.

Is the game Rocket Royale any good?

Excellent royal combat game Rocket Royale successfully infuses this well-liked genre with some original gameplay. Overall, it’s a highly entertaining game that’s unique and has excellent graphic

What is the Rocket League age rating?

Rocket League’s minimum age, or with a parent’s or guardian’s permission. Rocket League stipulates a minimum age of 18 or the approval of a parent or legal guardian.

What age range does Fall Guys target?

Describe Fall Guys. With Content Descriptors for Mild Cartoon Violence and Interactive Elements that include User Interaction and In-Game Purchases, Fall Guys is rated E for Everyone. placed into a sequence of ridiculous trials like a game show. 21

Is Fortnite suitable for 11-year-olds?

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has given Fortnite a T rating, meaning Teen. The level of violence is T. Ages 13 and up are advised for it.

Is Rocket League beneficial to the brain?

From my personal experience, I think that playing Rocket League can most certainly improve one’s mental capacity. The many areas of the brain that control attention, memory, and eye-hand coordination are made up of new cells and thick dendrites, which are essential components of the cognitive reserve.


A fantastic game called Rocket Royale. This game’s gameplay is straightforward but really entertaining. The graphics are not very intricate or elaborate, but they are sufficient to give you a clear understanding of what is taking place on the screen. The sound effects and soundtrack are also quite outstanding, and I don’t think they interfere with your enjoyment of the game. The most recent version of this game, Rocket Royale Mod, was created by the Rocket Royale mod apk. Comparing this version to the previous version reveals a significant number of new features. The gameplay is improved even further in this version because of the several new maps.

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Rocket Royale has 13,428 reviews rocket Royale has a  4.3 -star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Rocket Royale is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


July 23, 2022
I’ve had many accounts over about 3 years, and this game has always had a record of a bad connection. Mid-game, I always disconnect losing all the XP, wood and coins I was supposed to get. The game has a good concept and overall good graphics. But I really want you to fix this because I’m working on my island and need the wood. Thanks you for understanding- Misery. 133 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
A Google user
January 14, 2019
This game is pretty good overall except for a couple of things. Shield potions and ESPECIALLY health pack drop rates must be increased. Finding a health pack is harder than finding a legendary gun, which makes it hard to last long in the game. There also needs to be a breakdown feature, where if I have ramps going together to form a road, if I break the starting one, all the ramps and everything holding it breaks. This is because people just place their rockets high in the sky and camp there.  225 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
June 3, 2020
The game is good but sometimes when I reopen it I have to restart all my progress  Edit: The problem was fixed. Thank you! Also, this game is so fun. But there is a few things I wish they would add. 1: Another inventory so you can drop things like ammunition for your teammates. 2: A chat system so that you can chat with your team privately. 3. A headshot system so that you can hit headshots. 4. More game modes and events. Thanks!
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