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Happy Mall Story Mod Apk v2.3.1 MOD APK [Unlimited Money] Download

Happy Mall Story Mod Apk is a game that uses the shopping environment and the structure of the malls to develop the gameplay and the content contained therein. Also, the game itself belongs to entertainment simulation, and that genre always gives players useful knowledge about a particular field or object. The diversity of simulation genres has enriched the library and the market, and many games are ready to apply different themes to entertain players. What is impressive about this game is the endless gameplay, great graphics and lots of user-friendly features that give players access to managing a huge shopping mall.

Happy Mall Story Mod Apk



Chances are you’ve been to malls at least once. Malls are everywhere these days and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon! But what makes shopping malls so fun? Is it the buildings? The shops or just their presence? Whatever your answer, if you love shopping malls, this game is for you!

Happy Mall Story is a popular shopping mall simulation game which has already been downloaded 10 million times on Google Play Store. In this game, you create and customize your own shopping mall! Fill it with shops, create new floors and attract many buyers to your mall to make a profit! Expand your mall when you have more money to get even more profit. There is a lot to do in this game! Read on to find out more.


Coming to this game, you will have the opportunity to become a rich mall tycoon and manage a huge chain of stores. Depending on the activity and construction of each player, they will create the most important achievements themselves. Try to join and unlock cute shoppers. Additionally, you will be shown your level of sensitivity and agility in any situation or challenge presented game.


Here are all the great features the game has to offer:

Design and set up your shopping centre according to your creative ideas
For those of you who are interested in the exciting gameplay of idle simulation on your mobile devices, Happy Mall Story: Sim Game offers many of its interesting features and more. Here, gamers can have fun setting up and designing their own shopping mall with lots of creative ideas. Feel free to create new floors, add multiple stores, and most importantly, attract lots of customers to your stores to earn more money.

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Have fun immersing yourself in the adorable mall

management game with tons of exciting features. Customize and decorate your mall to attract shoppers
Speaking of which, in this adorable shopping mall simulation game, you can boost the attractiveness of certain businesses to attract new customers. Have fun watching the adorable characters interact with the stores, as well as exploring the game’s exciting interactions on your own. Here you can find the game really addicting and fun.

Expand and improve your businesses

Most importantly, as you progress through the game, it is very helpful for you to explore many progressions with your company. Start expanding your mall so you have more space for new stores. Have fun upgrading shops and services to enjoy more character interactions and earn more money. Check out tons of investments you can make with Happy Mall Story: Sim Game to earn coins and complete game challenges.

What Community Says?


Happy Mall Story has  ‎34,263,804 reviews happy Mall Story has a  4.3-star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Happy Mall Story frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Happy Mall Story is one of the most famous entertainment apps.

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Emiliana Olney
April 22, 2022
It’s fun, I can play it for around 15 minutes at a time or less when I am bored or just to fill time. It’s cute, I love to see all the little characters shop but it does take a while to level things up and the stores cost a lot of coins which take a lot of time to collect and then you have to upgrade your size before you can get more stores and it can become a constant need for coins. The game is very fun though aside from that and I plan to continue to play it 33 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Gabriel Rose
October 16, 2021
All in all, a decent game. Doesn’t seem too overt on the cash grab, and there are few ads. Progression isn’t too hard but it’s definitely a time-sink. There aren’t enough tutorials and those don’t seem to be available after the initial viewing, so some aspects like item use are really hard to figure out and if you forget something you seem to be SOL. I like the game, though. It’s fun, the graphics are cute, and as a way to kill time between appointments or while waiting for food, it’s a good pick. 133 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
A Google user
April 3, 2019
It is a fun game, it could use more though. Possibly allow each shop to give more money, and something to give you diamonds instead of doing challenges for them. Lastly, I do love the graphics, the game is quick. The final complaint I have is how quickly it drains your battery life. Unless you force quit the app it will be open in the background the whole time.

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