VPN - Fast Secure Stable

VPN – Fast Secure Stable

Feature Description
Military-grade encryption Encrypts your connection and doesn’t log any data that could be tied to you.
Fast vpn connection Unlimited bandwidth, dedicated high-speed server.
High-speed Global Servers Our network of high-speed servers across 70+ countries puts you in control.
Access to content worldwide Access to your favorite sites and apps worldwide and more at blazing-fast speeds.
Protect your privacy Stay anonymous with military-grade encryption.
Version 1.0.7
Updated on Dec 6, 2022
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Downloads 500,000+ downloads
In-app purchases $3.99 – $39.99 per item
Content rating Everyone
Released on Aug 16, 2022
Offered by VPN – Fast Proxy Inc.


  1. The app is free
  2. The app can connect to servers in different countries
  3. The app is stable
  4. The app is fast
  5. The app is secure
  6. The app has good ratings and reviews
  7. The app’s customer support responds to feedback and offers help
  8. The app is better than other VPN apps
  9. The app is helpful
  10. The app has good speed
  11. The app can be used for gaming
  12. The app has a large user base (based on the number of reviews)
  13. The app has a Telegram group for support


  1. The app is difficult to find in the app store when users try to reinstall it.
  2. Some users experience disconnections after 5-6 minutes of use.
  3. High ping is reported by some users.
  4. The app has fake location traveling.
  5. The app has ads that users have to watch before reconnecting.
  6. The app has reconnection issues.
  7. The app’s name is not specific and makes it hard to find in the app store.
  8. The app has a 999+ ping for some users.
  9. The app does not work for some users in Iran.
  10. The app has hectic fake locations.
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Q: What is Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server?

A: Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server is a VPN app for Android that provides fast and secure connections.

Q: What is military-grade encryption?

A: Military-grade encryption is a type of encryption that uses advanced algorithms to protect data from unauthorized access. It is considered to be highly secure.

Q: Does Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server have unlimited bandwidth?

A: Yes, Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server has unlimited bandwidth.

Q: How many countries are covered by Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server’s network of high-speed servers?

A: Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server’s network of high-speed servers covers 70+ countries.

Q: Can I access my favorite apps and websites with Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server?

A: Yes, Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server allows you to access your favorite apps and websites worldwide.

Q: Is Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server anonymous?

VPN – Fast Secure StableA: Yes, Secure VPN Proxy-Fast Server uses military-grade encryption to protect your privacy and keep you anonymous.

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