Myair Resmed apk

My Air Resmed Apk


What this app does

Android devices supporting 26 API and above can download and install the myAirTM by ResMed apk, which has a content rating of Everyone. Use myAirTM, a unique app available to ResMed AirSenseTM and AirCurveTM users, to control the success of your sleep therapy.

MyAir enables you to get started confidently and easily whether you set up your equipment at home or in person. The Personal Therapy Assistant* feature offers voice-guided interactive instructions to assist you in setting up your apparatus and putting on your mask. You can become accustomed to therapy using your machine at various air pressure levels with the help of myAir’s Test Drive* feature. Additionally, the app provides a Library of useful videos and tips that demonstrate how to configure your particular AirSense or AirCurve machine.

Apk Access Rights

  • Open network sockets allow access to network information. and connect to associated Bluetooth devices to stop the processor from going to sleep or the screen from dimming.
  • Find and connect Bluetooth devices.
Myair Resmed apk
Myair Resmed apk


  • ResMed designed the myAir Optimal Autoset to be tailored to you.
  • ResMed’s data will provide you with a look at your CPAP experience. Here are some of the features myAir Optimal can hold.
  • MyAir™ lets you customise your settings just for you. This app can record your sleep data when you wake up, and then transmit your data to your computer later in the day.
  • Important information on your sleep therapy. View your daily sleep data through your myAir score.
  • Personalised tips and coaching. customised instruction and advice. access to a video collection with more guidance, tutorials, and assistance. Providing frequent support alerts to keep you on course. CPAP therapy rewards and milestones might keep you motivated. Guidelines and tips for troubleshooting
    Reminders to clean your CPAP machine to encourage healthy therapy. gives you the ability to control your sleep apnea. Your sleep quality is improved by CPAP therapy.
  • Here are some myAir success stories that you can watch.
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MyAir APK Installation Guide for Android

  1. So, are you anticipating downloading RedMed’s MyAir APK?
  2. So, to begin downloading this fantastic programme, click on the link provided in the article, or use the link below to access the MyAir APK download 2019 in its entirety.
  3. An instruction manual on how to download and install MyAir for Android devices.
  4. To get MyAir APK, click the above Download link.
  5. On your Android phone, launch the MyAir APK.
    Because you didn’t obtain it from the Google Play store allow an unknown resource to be installed on your smartphone. The ResMed MyAir APK will appear in your Launcher; tap it.
    Finish the verification procedure,
  6. which will take a short while. You can also download extra data. On your Android phone,
  7. you can now use the MyAir APK.


Has ResMed myAir a mobile app?

There isn’t an iPad or Android tablet app for a year. However, you may still use the web browser on your iPad or tablet to use the web-based myAir tool.

I need my ResMed sleep report; how can I receive it?

Visit to sign up without cost (available in the US and Canada only). You can see your CPAP data on the screen of your ResMed S9TM device if you use one.

Why isn’t myAir operating properly?

Be careful to turn off aeroplane mode. If your machine’s power cord has been plugged in nonstop for several days or weeks, unplug it for 40 seconds before replugging it. Thus, the device is reset. For instance, run a power cycle (turn the device off, then back on).

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It has been established over time that adhering to CPAP therapy can help you overcome the symptoms of sleep apnea, but it has also been established that doing so will enhance your life in other ways. Therefore, the ResMed MyAir app will be the most crucial app on your smartphone for enhancing both your health and overall quality of life. So, download MyAir APK right away to start reaping the rewards.

What Community Says


My Air Resmed has  16,776 reviews Air Resmed has a  4.3 -star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who My Air Resmed frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. My Air Resmed is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


Private User
July 21, 2022
Used to look at the app every day. Used Bluetooth for Test Drive at least once a week. Ran the update for the app today and now Bluetooth no longer works at all, keeps telling me to make sure the device is plugged in and near the phone…well it is on and 3 inches away. Cleared all cache and force stopped all apps and Bluetooth services on the phone, re-booted the phone, unplugged the device and plugged it back in and still nothing works…this update has rendered MyAir completely and utterly useless! 17 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Shane May
July 26, 2022
Successfully set up an account and have a connection to the machine. Both my phone and machine confirm Bluetooth connection. I’ll open the app right beside my machine and watch the app sync and watch the Bluetooth symbol on the machine light up…. and nothing. No data has been transferred yet. Not in aeroplane mode or anything else troubleshooting suggests. Tried for over a week now. I think I’d enjoy the app if it worked 10 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
July 26, 2022
Hi Shane, Please verify that your AirSense 11 is properly registered within your myAir account. The serial number of the machine listed in your account should match the serial number on the back of your AirSense 11. If the data transfer issue continues, please email us direct at [email protected] and one of our techs would be glad to help.

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