Kick The Buddy Mod Apk

Kick The Buddy Mod Apk v1.0.6 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

Kick The Buddy Mod Apk v1.0.6 (Unlimited Money and Gold ) is a great game for stress, in which you are awarded a mannequin to cause as much damage. To cause serious damage to your nuclear adversary, use rockets, grenades, submachine guns, cold steel and even a main bomb. To cause serious damage to your nuclear adversary, use rockets, grenades, submachine guns, cold steel and even a main bomb.

Kick The Buddy Mod Apk



Buddy Bear is in a bad way. Buddy is a mobile bear but is poor and can run everywhere. You can do anything with this person because he is locked in a box and can not defend himself. This can either buy an AK rifle or use fire to shoot it. In Kick the Buddy, your goal is to punish Teddy in a number of ways until it dies. You can use laser guns, chainsaws, swords or a C4 bomb and wait for it to explode as a sort of torture. After rescuing the poor little bear, you will be rewarded with money.


Kick The Buddy MOD APK, in which gameplay is portrayed based on what we understand when we watch the game. The game is based on the content and application of the original depiction, imagination, and thought. One of the most admirable is the storehouse of colors and imagination that feasts the eyes. Most people today are unaware of how we bring out our anger and stress in real life. The use of this game by users is limitless to the extent that it excites their mental arousal. Animals are horses, lions, bears, tigers, and leopards. We can also bring this down with devices like trains and cars.

Kick The Buddy MOD APK: A background display appears on our phone when we hit the toy with high-speed machines. What it means is that before our eyes are gold nuggets and money. If we hit the toy too fast, its value will continue to increase, and the sooner we try to bring down the toy, the more money we will have. On the one hand, we will be looking at that toy, but the main twist in is that on the other hand, we have to hit this toy before the end of that time level which is running upwards, so we can not win this game.

Features of Kick The Buddy:

  • When you get to do something with your friends, nothing beats the fun.
    The Kick’s Mod apk does not fall behind in this category.
  • The game allows you to double your friends so that you can add even more fun by smashing that thing together.
  • When done with friends, everything is great even if it is relieving stress.
    The game is not just a simple game, but it allows to reduce stress and anger.
  • The game features good graphics and the gamer can make good use of physics concepts to smash and break things.
  • For example, throwing watermelons on the character requires good use of player skills in acquiring target skills.
    The game does not let you be so easily bored.
  • There are a lot of different elements and categories that can be used by the gamer to create unique combinations.
  • The game gives you full freedom in determining the way in which you want to reduce stress.
  • The Buddy Mod apk is the perfect one-Stop solution for everyone who is looking for someone to take their anger out.
    For a volcano about to eat, the game offers a limitless arsenal to beat.
  • The game guarantees to keep you relaxed and stress-free.
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How to Kick The Buddy Mod Apk

To play this game, turn off the settings of your device and go to the download option.
Now you choose the security option and go to unknown sources. Allow positive sources to be inserted and don’t worry about the warning message because this game is completely safe. Now pick up your browser and go to the download URL.
Finally, wait for the download to complete before going to the file manager. Search for the file Buddy Mod APK in the Android folder. Now you have the file open and click the install button in the lower right corner.
In order to rid of stress, you can now play this game and annoy the bear.


We’re prepared to take your gaming experience to the next level!
The bugs have been resolved, and the game’s performance has been improved. Enjoy your weekend! The crew investigates all the feedback and is constantly working to improve the game.
If you like what we do, please leave us some feedback and feel free to propose any improvements.


What happens when it rains in Kick the Buddy?

Rain is a weapon element that may be found in the Power Of Gods section. It starts pouring in the box when you pick it up. If Buddy is on fire, this element can be used to put him out. The element is priced at 555 dollars.

Is it possible to download the game for free?

Yes, this game is available for download for free. In this game, you do not have to pay anything.

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Is Kick the Buddy currently unavailable?

Is it possible to play Kick the Buddy without an internet connection? Kick the Buddy can be played without the need for the internet.

In Kick the Buddy, which weapon makes the most money?

Make Buddy is the most expensive coin weapon in the game.

What is the total number of weapons in Kick the Buddy?

45 Bucks 400+ goods (including numerous weapons, machines, food, and various species of flora and wildlife, among other things) Kick the Buddy.

Do you think it’s a decent game or not?

This game is both horrible and good. The good news is that tormenting the bear and breaking objects over it can help you release your emotions, anger, and stress. The bad news is that this game appears to be both violent and lame. Many individuals may find this game insulting, and parents will not want their children to play it.

Is this game available on the Google Play Store?

This is a modified version of the game, and modified games are not available on the Google Play or Apple App stores.


In total, we covered all the detailed information about Kick The Buddy MOD APK.
This is one of the more colourful games on Android with addictive graphics. You start the game to attack Teddy by using guns in the game. Each attack receives many rewards.
Use the rewards to purchase more weapons and upgrade the Teddy interface. The new graphics will give you a colourful kitty – experience. From the limited version of the game, you have only an original amount of money. Use our VHD version to get unlimited money for free. The latest MOD version is available from the links below.

What Community Says


Kick The Buddy has · ‎3,450,639   reviewsKick The Buddy has a 4.3 -star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Kick The Buddy frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Kick The Buddy is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


Waffle Devil

February 1, 2022

I enjoy the game so I decided to get the no-ads purchase. After I got it I enjoyed the game far more and played it a lot, but one date opened my game and all my progress was gone. I had no money, no weapons nothing. I was even signed in to my Google play account yet somehow I still lost hours of progress. Please fix this issue!


Jeanie Eidson

January 28, 2022

This game is super awesome and fun and also I like how you have to buy the blood so children don’t just turn it on and then get in trouble the only reason why I’m giving it a four-star is because there’s way too many ads and every time that you kill him there’s an ad and it’s kind of annoying I mean I don’t mind ads here and there but there’s like a crazy amount of ads by the way I’m not sure if they’re already is this in the game but I really want you to add some Greek mythology things in


Josh F.

January 22, 2022

2 stars cause this is an ad-turner. It’s fun for 30 seconds until I have to watch another 30-second ad. Many of the ads don’t close when I click close and it goes to their website and starts storing information and cookies. Now I’m seeing ads in my YouTube and Google feeds that match the exact content of the ads that just ran from your game. For instance, some dog food commercials just ran on your game and now I’m getting ads for dog food. I don’t even own a dog. Never had.


The Bottom Line:

The Kick The Buddy mod apk is a fantastic way to relieve stress and fury. You don’t have to vent your frustrations on your buddies or smash things. Keep checking back to Techylist for the most up-to-date MOD apps for your favourite games. In the virtual world, you can crush, break, and freeze whatever you want with no one stopping you. The Kick The Buddy mod apk gives you infinite coins, which means you can buy whatever you want, including weapons, grenades,, and nuclear bombs, without worrying about the cost. Simply download the Kick The Buddy mod apk and you will not be disappointed!


Personal remark

I believe the game is pretty violent and somewhat meaningless; but, if you are an adult looking for a good time, the game will most likely be more appropriate. Because some parents do not want their children to play games like this, the game is only for players aged 12 and over. The money you earn is used to unlock a new teddy bear suit, which makes the game more exciting, but you still abuse it.


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