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Friday Night Funkin Apk – Latest Version for Android

In order to impress your girlfriend’s father and get a kiss from him, Friday Night Funkin you must master the rhythm in the music game app Friday Night Funkin Mobile APK. A 2010 game called Friday Night Funkin Mobile APK has been ported to Android due to its PC versions’ moderate success. Thousands of players have recreated the game and copied its moves and dances in the majority of the original videos, making it a hit on social media sites like TikTok and Twitter more than ten years later.

Friday Night Funkin Apk
Friday Night Funkin Apk



The main protagonists in the game are a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and their ultimate objective is to have a kiss before the night is out. However, the lover must first wow the parent by playing music. You’ll be prompted by the game to press the button when it’s appropriate. You can see when and which keys to press in this game. In this game, timing and accuracy are crucial components for gaining points.

The gauge at the top of your screen has dots on it that are either green (if the lover wins) or red (if the opponent wins) (if the lover loses). Other musicians like Pico, Monster, Skid, and Pump can be foes, although the game’s mechanics are the same regardless of the foe. Lover Face Kiss to triumph in the game. interacting while playing, giving you a unique sense of classic retro games with upbeat music.

Features Friday Night Funkin

There are two distinct game modes to choose from.
The gameplay and aesthetics are in good shape.
This does not require a data connection or subscription.
For fans of music, an addicting and simple game.
All the directions on this subject are provided in the tutorial.
Everyone can enjoy this user-friendly, unique Android game.
By carefully following the instructions, you may easily finish all the chores.
There is no chance of fraud because the rules and regulations are strict.

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Are kids allowed at Friday night Funkin’?

Age Rating for the Friday Night Funkin apk image

It is advised that children under the age of 13 play Friday Night Funkin. However, there is no age check while registering for Friday Night Funkin.

Where can I find Friday night Funkin on the internet?

ninjamuffin99’s Friday Night Funkin’ may be downloaded from

Is there a mobile version of FNF?

FNF Founded In is a modified version of Friday Night Funkin Game that can be played on tablets, touchpad devices, and any touch-screen mobile phone. Only this version is compatible with all mobile phone platforms.

Do kids play Huggy Wuggy?

Huggy Wuggy and other foes are encountered as the player’s character investigates. The game’s age rating was changed from 8 and up to 12 or older because it featured frightening scenarios and graphics, like toys that came to life and wanted to hurt the kids who owned them.

Does FNF apply to 9-year-olds?

For 9-year-olds, FNF (Friday Night Funkin’) Games Online Free New. Play brand-new games that are free to play online that combine aspects from the “FNF (Friday Night Funkin’)” and “For 9-Year-Olds” genres.

FNF: Is it a free game?

A. Friday Night Funkin can be played on Windows, MAC, Linux, and mobile operating systems like Android for nothing at all. Even on free web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, you can play FNF.

Which FNF Mod character is the tallest?

This idea simply occurred to me since, according to what I know, Taki has surpassed Ruv as the tallest FNF character.

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Is Huggy Wuggy a good or bad guy?

Describe Huggy Wuggy. The persona appears as a bad guy in the 2021 horror PC game Poppy Playtime. In this survival horror game, which is set in a deserted toy factory, a character named Huggy Wuggy sings eerie tunes to the players while trying to track them down.

Does Friday Night Funkin use profanity?

Some of the roasts contain expletives. Two of them switch the F-word for funking. Tankman twice refers to the lover or girlfriend as a “c*nt” in week 7’s third cutscene. Right now, this is the game’s most obscene swear.

Why did Pico and Boyfriend split up?

Rock star Daddy Dearest ends his career. In Pico’s School: Love Conquers All, Boyfriend and Pico are seen to be dating, however, their relationship ends following Pico’s School’s events. Years later, the Boyfriend leaves college to pursue a career in rap, meets his Girlfriend, and eventually falls in love with her.


This review should have answered all of your questions regarding the Friday Night Funkin’ Apk, so go ahead and download it for Android and PC and start using it. Please tell your loved ones about the Friday Night Funkin App if you enjoy it.

What Community Says


Friday Night Funkin has ‎5,097 reviews Friday Night Funkin has a 3.4 -star rating for Replika Pro play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Friday Night Funkin video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Friday Night Funkin is one of the most famous entertainment apps.

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james samuel
June 16, 2022
This game  has way too many ads, and is way too laggy, and not only that the music sounds kinda different that’s why I rated it a two star, and when you press on the arrows somehow you miss, even when you press on the arrows, this game is not terrible, but can you please try to fix some of them, Thank You. 228 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Mallika Fakier
August 16, 2022
This game is so laggy it’s a 4 because it loads so slow and there are so much ads but besides that it’s amazing you just must get rid of every lag and stuff and make a tankman and make a mod imposter among us pls but I love this game so ty
6 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Carmen Rodriguez
July 24, 2022
It’s really close to the real Friday night funkin but a problem is that is lagging too much like when I press the correct arrows and then it acts like I pressed the wrong arrows, for example, I press the left arrow it puts the down arrow.


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