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Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod Apk download 9.12 [Unlimited Money, Coins]

If you want to download Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod Apk, you are in the right place. Today we will share a Dream League Soccer Mod Apk with unlimited money with you. You can download this APK for free here. We always provide working Apks to our users.
Dream League Soccer google play



Once your approval is obtained, the game can begin. Be a talented and agile manager on the pitch in Dream League Soccer 2020 by observing each player one by one and making a wise decision to replace the substitutes in the waiting area. The ultimate goal is to make a lot of profits and play a real game or send it to fans. Check the inventory for some keys that need to be unlocked for trainers to appear to support the player’s abilities.

Features Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod Apk

• Build and develop your dream team from over 3,500 FIFPro™ licensed players
• Goalkeeper kicks, tackles, celebrations and saves in full 3D motion capture deliver unparalleled realism
• Reach legendary status by progressing through 8 divisions and competing in over 10 cup competitions
• Build your football empire from your own stadium to medical, business and training facilities
• Recruit agents and scouts to identify the best talent in the transfer market
• Immersive and thrilling game commentary keeps you in the thick of the action
• Use trainers to develop the technical and physical skills of your players
• Customize your team’s gear and logo, or import your own designs
• Participate in regular events to win fantastic prizes
• Compete against players around the world with Dream League Online
• Our best soundtrack ever! Featuring The Luka State, Sunset Sons, Vistas and more!


What is the meaning of Dream League Soccer?

Dream League Soccer is a football video game series developed by the British studio First Touch Games and designed for Android and iOS. Dream Football League. Genre(s) Sports game.

Is Dream League Soccer better than FIFA?

DLS provides a complete game-by-game experience. Compared to some parts of FIFA, it works throughout the game. Compared to FIFA, the transfer process to DLS is much simpler. But FIFA has more realistic graphics content than DLS.

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How many leagues are there in Dream League Soccer 2020?

How many leagues are there in Dream League Soccer 2020? The game has only one league. The championship consists of 6 divisions and you start in the academy division and rise to glory.
What is Dream League Live? Dream League Live pits your club against other elite teams. Climb the ranks to prove your team’s potential and compete on global leaderboards and events for exclusive prizes! Exclusive soundtrack featuring Vukovi, Dead Pony, Kit and more!


If you are a football lover, I highly recommend you to download Dream League Soccer 2020. You will find the best soccer game ever with 3D graphics and other great features. This game has millions of downloads around the world. So download this game now and play this game with your friends online and play with computers.

What Community Says


Dream League Soccer 2020 has  ‎37,694,954  reviews Dream League Soccer 2020 has a  4.6-star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users why Dream League Soccer 2020 frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Subway Surfers is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


Kelvin Diamond
March 16, 2022
The whistle is not audible. The opponent always runs faster than the team. The size of the ball is too small. The shots are always high, even when the settings are on “low.” That sound that the “goal post net” makes each time you score a goal is very disgusting.! Please, fix them. Thank you. 1,240 people found this review helpful  Did you find this helpful?
A Google user
March 10, 2019
One of the best! This game is nothing but great. The graphics are great, the gameplay is great, and game levelling is great. Some minor issues I’ve had are related to the ADs. Once you watch them all and don’t close the app, just go back to the home screen of your device, it doesn’t refresh unless you close it from running in the background. Another issue is related to the gameplay. Sometimes when you make a trick play, e.g. rainbow trick play, it automatically follows with the player taking a header shot. 410 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
A Google user
January 13, 2020
Pretty cool soccer game, it just takes a long time to get enough coins to do anything. Ads don’t even help that much. Playing a game or watching an ad gives you about 30 coins. Each goal you score only gives you one coin, so if you win by a blowout, you still only get like 35 coins from a match. It’s about 1000 coins to get a decent player, and upwards of 3000 for the pros. Very slow, progress, and the opponents’ AI is always hilariously bad. Alas, still passes the time and lets me play soccer.

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