Dragon City Mod Apk v22.0.3 [For Android] 2022

The hottest role-playing game on the market is the dragon city mod apk, and gamers can now choose to be the leader of a race that breathes fire. Explore the world’s largest ocean floating city as you build your own city and dragon kingdom, then train your favorite dragon to become stronger and stronger, finally defeating other Dragon Masters. In Dragon City, breeding dragons is important; Dragons can be enhanced through breeding, acquired through special events, and/or created through other activities.



Dragon City allows the player to grow and control his/her own dragons. Through them, your progress can be followed, new buildings and habitat can be unlocked, and new currency can be earned. To earn more money, the player can purchase gems that can be spent to unlock upgrades, improve your dragons or breed them.

After you reach level 27, the Ancient World enters the stage. Within this stage you have a chance to exchange your gold coins for crystal gems. After this you can create powerful gems from the crystal stones you found using platinum. Also within the game, once you reach level 70, The Eternal World replaces the Ancient World for level 70, in which you can obtain powerful ancient gems.

Dragons can learn moves from up to four different elements. There are six different types of dragons to collect: common, rare, very rare, epic, legendary, and heroic. A new dragon rarity was announced on April 15, 2016. It was the first of the three new dragons, the High

Features: Dragon City Mod Apk

Construct a Dragon City on floating islands, complete with crops, houses, structures, and dragons!

Carefully select your dragons, feed them, and watch them grow into magnificent creatures. Build up your collection and compete in PvP battles!

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joining an Alliance with other Dragon Masters is a great way to get started in the game.

At Ally events you can learn about technology and win special gifts.To become an expert in Pokémon, combine the elements of fire, nature, pure, legend, and a variety.

Here is a detailed overview

Dragon City is a gem if you want a fantasy realm full of creatures with great powers. Dragons with a range of abilities (from being able to grow, expand, and evolve) can be ferocious against their enemies or can take a more laid back approach to the fight (by competing in Pokémon-style games and tournaments) If you want to relax, you can create as many farms as you

New Features

Finish the Encyclopedia of Dragons! To grow your world, you’ll need to capture 10s of New dragons are added to the game on a weekly basis as a result of breeding events and island specials. If you want to have an exotic dragon, dress. Play a virtual world and compete with other players to acquire dragons, steal their treasure, and climb leaderboards! Call upon the dragons of a vibrant magical world to put their talents to the test.

Collect spots and enhance your dragons: you’ll be amazed at how powerful they get in fight! These elements can be unlocked, including Ancient World and the Guardian of Dragons. Socialize: Be part of the dragon community as you participate in Alliance events, talk with other dragon masters, trade in your center,


Are you able to break into Dragon City?

Because Dragon City is an online secure server game, it is not feasible to obtain an endless number of gems. Although you can download a Dragon City MOD program with bespoke private servers (which give you limitless gems), you will not be able to compete with real Dragon City gamers (those who play from real dragon city app).

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How does Dragon City MOD APK work?

DragonCity Mod is a social network game created by Social Point that was first released on Facebook on May 8, 2012, and was then made available for download on iOS in 2013.

In Dragon City, how can you get an endless supply of diamonds?

When you advance to a new level in the game, you are rewarded with a limited number of Gems. You can earn one-time Gems by subscribing to the game’s social media marketing accounts. Players can also buy Gems with real money or use Dragon City to create an endless amount of Gems.

Can you tell me how to construct a heroic dragon?

You’ll get both heroic dragons if you finish first by the end of the race and reach lap 12. You’ll obtain the new heroic dragon if you reach lap 15 or simply win the race. To win the race, you don’t have to make it to lap 12 (but you won’t earn the already existing heroic dragon).

What makes mythical dragons unique in Dragon City?

The Mythical VIP Dragons are a new addition to the VIP category. These are similar to VIP Dragons, but with one important difference: These are Category 10 dragons, who are the game’s second most powerful dragons. If they have a special emblem on their body or are listed here, you know they’re Mythical.


To store and play your game across all devices, sign in with Windows. You’ll be able to take your dragons with you everywhere you go.

Hunter Lewis

February 16, 2022

Great concept, was hooked until I found out that almost everything in the game takes time, and that’s fine, if it’s an hour or something like that, not 3 freaking days for one dragon to hatch!!! Or when a dragon dies in battle, it takes so long for it to come back. This whole time thing just creates…


Kayla Bernal

February 17, 2022

I had this game before a few years back. Gems are easier to get which is awesome and appreciated. Endless dragons!!! You guys did a great job fixing the game up. I only wish I could get the SSSniperWolf dragon 🥺. Hopefully, soon it will be possible to rescue her. Keep up the good work! And thanks fo…


Julia Quirch

February 17, 2022

I love this game. They give you enough to play for long periods of time. There is always something you could be doing in the game which makes it truly fun and exciting. Love seeing my dragons grow from babies to huge strong dragons. Now my only serious complain is that I have noticed several glitche…


Sage Nava

February 16, 2022

Lots of ads but I dont worry about ads.Overall this game is amazing!You can get food easily to feed your dragons!also the arenas are fun!Plus the dragons look amazing and cool!Plus one of my friends at school play it too! overall 10/10 game.Plus I’m already at level 20!Also you can just sit around at…


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