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My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK [Unlimited Money]

Tom 2Users Wait for New Minigame! The developers happily announce the new (as predicted) Tom 2 we want to introduce more colourful items that you can manage with Tom, We went through the initially limited game and added many new “pretty” options for improvement. You will be able to do more actions with Tom, take him in the arms, throw him, sit in the bathroom, on the toilet, or even on a plane. Tom will collect mini-games and specialize in different tasks. A great fun adventure Tom in a plane to other worlds to search for new items and wardrobe.

If you want to bring a pet into your home, you need to download a changed version of My Talking Tom 2 version. This new version will need to assist the baby with education as well as additional features and functionality already available in how to get a dog. Yep, the new version will teach you how to care for young companionship and health, too.



My Talking Tom 2 builds the player’s ‘residual’ memory of Tom far ahead of other memory games. The game draws aficionados of children into the adult market and attracts adults and busy people who want an intellectual treat. The bright colour and lively sound are what make the game become remarkable.

My Talking Tom 2 is so casual that spending one’s whole life playing the game will still be fun. The fun can be played whenever and whenever. Additionally, talking to Tom will be so rewarding that one can share with all over the world. Share favourite memories about cats and spread knowledge of talking pet. The gadgets have made Talking Tom 2 a favourite of mine and are useful to many.

Tom 2 Apk

Features Tom 2

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  • More toys will be available for Tom to play with.
  • You can also use medical equipment to treat him if he gets hurt.
  • Unlock the pet so you can let your cat have more fun, especially Tom can play with his pet.
  • More mini-games have been designed for your cat in this updated version.
  • You receive several alluring incentives from there.
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What is My Talking Tom 2’s most recent version?

My Talking Tom 2 3.4. 0.2966 for Android | can be downloaded.

Is the Talking Tom app secure?

This app is violent and unsuitable for children under the age of 18! It contains swearing, violence (including violent or romantic advertisements), and romance. Additionally, it locates your child before kidnapping him or her. Parents, please don’t let your kids download this game!

How do I remove advertisements from my Talking Tom 2?

Make any in-app purchase in the game to remove the automatically prompted commercials from appearing. Ads that are automatically triggered won’t appear any longer after the transaction has been completed.

How can I cheer up my Tom?

Tom enjoys both playing with toys and playing games, so choose what suits your fancy. Speaking of tickling, you can also move him around or hold him up to instantly lift his spirits.

How can you get Talking Tom 2 to repeat your words?

Getting Started. Tom will repeat whatever you say in a silly voice when you talk to him. Make Tom purr by touching his belly or head. Prick his feet, belly, or head.

Do cats as Tom speaks?

With the exception of a few cartoons (such as The Lonesome Mouse from 1943, The Zoot Cat from 1944, Part Time Pal from 1947, Puppy Tale from 1953, and Tom and Jerry: The Movie from 1992), he is often silent and hardly ever heard speaking.

What age is Angela the cat?

image outcome Speaking Tom, Speaking Tom Heroes, and Speaking Tom and Friends Minis. Angela, who is 22 years old, is seen wearing a pink T-shirt with a white heart on it and blue denim shorts from Season 1 through Season 3.

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What Community Says


Tom 2 has ‎898,902 reviews tom 2 has a4.1 star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Tom 2 frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Tom 2 is one of the most famous entertainment apps.

Brooke Jarosik
May 24, 2022
Its a very good game! Its just one thing. When I try to watch an ad. It dosen’t work it takes me out of the game and puts me on my home screen. Please fix this bug. Its just so annoying. And i can’t play the game right if this keeps happening. Please fix this bug. I’ll try to play the game right untill its fixed. And i really want more fuel and also i want him awake longer and when i try a ad for him to be awake it’ll do the same thing. Thank you. 10,426 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Jessie Carrasquillo
May 6, 2022
My son enjoys the game. He is 3 years old and keeps getting caught up in the ad screens. I paid for the subscription to remove the adds and there’s still a gift box balloon on the home screen for ads and it keeps needing my attention. It’s very annoying. I paid for NO ads and there are still ads. It’s not a cheap subscription either it’s like 15 ish a month and again there’s still too many ads! If that’s not made better I’ll just cancel the subscription. 14,405 people found this review helpful
Did you find this helpful?
Nintendo Fanatic
March 14, 2022
It’s a good game for the most part. But there should be more variety of mini games, even the ones from the original My Talking Tom would do. The mini games are bland in my opinion. I like the concept of Tom having his own pet, but each of them should have a different voice. I like the idea of using a plane to get gifts, but getting coins and stars can be difficult. I would recommend adding coins to mini games with the plane fuel. There should also be a larger variety of clothing for Tom.

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