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Scary Teacher Mod apk 5.22 [Unlimited Money]

The frightening 3D teacher – An arcade game 3D Eerie concerns the history and multiplayer missions, in which you escape a disturbed teacher. All objectives and objectives are devoted to the search for keys, to save allies and sometimes “strikes” on the boring professor. The choice of mode largely determines the secondary objectives, as well as the game role: with enough luck, the role of the teacher will fall into the hands of the players, which means that there is a chance to bring discord and madness! But more often than not, on the contrary, you will have to work together, interact with the environment, find objects and build dirty tricks for anyone who gets in your way.

Scary Teacher Mod apk



Here in the interesting gameplay of Scary Teacher 3D, Android gamers will have fun with hilarious simulation gameplay while freely discovering the scary house of the evil teacher. Explore different areas and aspects of the house, find interesting ways to interact with the game, and pull lots of funny Tiger Lady pranks. Adopt many different game modes and freely roam the house to prank the teacher. Plan your moves carefully and come up with lots of innovative shots to make sure you pass their guard easily. Watch the woman trap you and enjoy seeing her get mad at her to mean curses and hilarious expressions. This should really help you relax and enjoy the exciting game.

Features Scary Teacher Mod apk

  • Simple and responsive controls ensure ample access to the game.
    It has a creepy side, but that doesn’t stop kids of all ages from playing with it.
  • A captivating story will keep you hooked on the game until all the mysteries are revealed.
    You never have to announce “Game Over” as new chapters are released regularly.
  • Get photos of tormented victims in Miss T’s apartment, save tormented animals while searching for chocolate, and more.
    You can also eliminate ads and get extra coins by purchasing one of the game subscriptions. (always remove ads for mod version).
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What is the creepy professor’s real name?

Nick (real name: Nicholas ‘Nick’ Issac Anderson) is Scary Teacher’s 3D avatar. He wears an orange shirt, grey jacket, orange hat, black-tinted sunglasses, black pants, and white sneakers, and carries a blue bag with an American flag on his bag holders.

Is the scary teacher suitable for children?

Parents should know that Scary Teacher 3D is an adventure game for iOS and Android devices. It includes many elements that parents don’t want kids to think are okay, including breaking into a house, playing tricks on a teacher, and physical assaults. The design of the application is also problematic.

Is the scary teacher suitable for children?

Parents should know that Scary Teacher 3D is an adventure game for iOS and Android devices. It contains many elements that parents don’t want kids to think they’re okay with – including breaking into a house, playing mean pranks on a teacher, and physical abuse. The app design is also problematic.

Scary Teacher Offline Game Is It?

her dear, she is completely offline. there will be some special levels where you need to be online.

What Community Says?


Scary Teacher has ‎1,662,160 reviewScary Teacher has a: 4.2-star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who carry Teacher frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Scary Teacher is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


Hailey Shipman
May 29, 2020
I loved it and it was great until I finished chapter 1. Every other chapter you had to pay for and I don’t think apps should make you pay real money to play so that was frustrating. The one you had to use ads to play doesn’t even let me watch the ads. Don’t waste coins on teaser mode because it sucks all you do it hit and throw things at her and with a limited amount. After clicking out of that you have to pay more coins. Multiplayer I had no complaints. I got an obsession with this game.  1,359 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Cecilia Garcia
January 24, 2021
This game sucks because I had already made purchases for levels 2, 4 and maybe 3. But ever since the new update, it says I have to pay for them again but when I click on the levels that I paid for already, it says “Error, you already own this item.” And nothing happens. And also when I try to play the first level since I can’t play the other ones when the loading screen gets to the 80%, the game automatically crashes. So please fix this glitch and maybe I will rate it 5 stars. 2,917 people found this review helpful
Did you find this helpful?
May 2, 2021
Not fun. Played it with my granddaughter she didn’t like it. Why don’t they just let you tap the screen to navigate and move other than to use ball controls? Slow and difficult. Graphics are ok if you dig the money for nothing look. but the game lags easily. Ad’s galore. I understand the reason for them but still, you shouldn’t be bombarded with them every time you complete a task, especially if you’re purchasing things anyway. uninstall.

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