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ROOT BROWSER PRO APK [Unlimited/File Manager] for android

Root Browser Pro is an app that lets you browse the file system of your Android device with root access. Root Browser Pro Apk With this app, you can view and edit any file on your device, including system files. Root Browser Pro also lets you change permissions and ownership of files, as well as create and delete files.

root browser pro apk



  • any file to view and modify Files can be copied, moved, renamed, and deleted.
  • Directories can be added and removed (folders).
  • Two panels for file managers Zip, tar, transfer, delete, and batch copy/paste any file or folder
  • apk, jar, zip, and rar files to explore Modify the ownership and permissions of files.
  • SQLite Navigator Put scripts into action Display a list of files with picture thumbnails.
  • Put a folder bookmark Open up folders and files in other programmes.
  • Email files to someone.
  • In any directory, add new files and folders.
  • Utilizing clockwork recovery, install zips Modify the theme (double tap home button) Sort names, sizes, and dates.
  • single files from jars, apps, and zipping Lookup files or directories.

How to install

There is no need to root your device to install Root Browser Pro Apk. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Download Root Browser Pro Apk from the link given below.

2. Copy the downloaded Apk file to your Android<span data-offset-key=”fbn8n-61-0″> device.

3. Install Root Browser Pro Apk using any file manager.

4. Launch Root Browser Pro and grant root permissions.

5. That‘s it. You can now browse the root file system of your Android device.

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FAQs Root Browser Pro Apk

How can a browser be “rooted”?

To start, you may copy and paste this URL into your browser to download and install the Root Browser on your rooted Android device: Next, open Root Browser on your Android phone by clicking the app’s icon. Select Data folder > Data Folder directory next.

Any device can it be rooted?

When you have root, Android’s security model is also jeopardised. Some malware explicitly searches for root access, which gives it complete freedom to do badly. Because of this, the majority of Android phones are not made to be rooted.

Which root for Android is best?

Best for easily and for free rooting Android versions 1.5 to 7.0. An intuitive Android rooting software is One-Click Root. With only one button click, you can root your Android handset. You do not need to connect to a computer in order to use the rooting programme.

Is rooting a smartphone harmful?

Is it unsafe to root your smartphone? Because some of the operating system’s built-in security protections are disabled when a device is “rooted,” your data is no longer protected from exposure to malware or corruption.

How can I log into the root server?

You can utilise the SSH protocol to access the server as the root user if your VPS subscription includes root access. However, using your administrator level account and using the sudo prefix anytime you require root capabilities is the safer choice.
Without a custom recovery, can I root my phone?

One of two methods can be used to root an Android device. The first one uses a custom recovery like TWRP, however the second one doesn’t utilise any recovery at all.

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Are APK files forbidden?

The fact that you only have a licence to use the software if you acquired it from Google Play on that device, however, makes it technically illegal.

Can KingRoot cause your phone to brick?

Using the all-purpose KingRoot rooting tool won’t result in your Android smartphone being bricked when you attempt to root it. The worst case scenario is that it informs you that it cannot root your device, in which case you have spent 10 minutes of your life.

What Community Says?


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Brady Lee
January 14, 2022
Was able to copy the default notifications and ringtones out of the system/media/audio folder WITHOUT rooting the phone. Of course, there is some security risk to an untrusted app being able to do that. But if you need to get down and dirty with the file system to copy something and you don’t want to mess with rooting, this did what I wanted. 75 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Tyler Rosencutter
August 5, 2022
Used to be the best file browser out there, but now there are unskippable, 30+ second ads absolutely everywhere. I’m okay with watching ads on a free service such as this, but the duration and frequency of the ads is just unacceptable. 12 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Clive F
September 28, 2022
Was good but now you have ads almost at every touch. Some loop and you have difficulty existing them. Enough is enough, am now deleting the app.


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