Mass Effect Infiltrator Apk

Mass Effect Infiltrator Apk v1.0.58 [Unlocked/Latest Version] for android

The Mass Effect Infiltrator Apk is an Android app that allows users to play the Mass effect high-tech armour and weaponry game on their Android devices. The app is developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Mass Effect Infiltrator Apk The app features the same storyline and gameplay as the original Mass Effect game. It also includes the same characters and locations.

However, the app has been designed specifically for Android devices and includes new features such as touchscreen controls and an allnew user interface. The Mass Effect Infiltrator Apk is available to download from the Google Play Store. The app is free to download and play. However, there are inapp purchases available.

Mass Effect Infiltrator Apk



The gameplay of Mass Effect Infiltrator is very similar to that of the previous games in the series. The player takes control of Commander Shepard, who is on a mission to stop the Reapers from taking over the galaxy. The player must fight their way through enemy forces, using cover and shooting to take them down. The player can also use their biotics and tech abilities to help them in battle. The game also features a new cooperative multiplayer mode, in which players can team up and play through the campaign together.

Features Mass Effect Infiltrator Apk

  • ONLY YOU VS. AN ARMY: unleash the ferocity of high-tech armour and weaponry.
  • Utilize your biotic talents, stealth and concealing skills, and powerful melee assaults.
  • With credits, upgrade your tools and your output.
  • You will get more credits if you kill more fast and efficiently.
  • Access the additional Turians task as well as get away from the medical cover.
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How to Install


Is Mass Effect Infiltrator still playable?

Curiously, neither game’s Android version is impacted. They are still for sale on Google Play.

Is Mass Effect available on mobile devices?

THE BALANCE DETERMINES THE GALAXY’S DESTINY! A brand-new, original Mass Effect tale created specifically for mobile devices is coming from the developers of the critically successful Dead Space game for iOS and Android!

Can asari have children with people?

Asari kids are always asari, regardless of their “father’s” genetic species, which has given rise to in-universe allegations of.. The asari are biologically capable of procreating with any sentient living form, and can breed with any known sex, gender, or species.

Earth is there a Mass Effect?
image outcome

In Mass Effect, the planet Earth exists. The Sol system, part of the Local Cluster, is where Earth is situated. While travelling around the galaxy, you can explore planets. Sometimes, you can land on them, while other times, you can just observe them from the Normandy to gather resources.

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Are the worlds in Mass Effect real?

It’s vital to remember that the majority of the real-life recreations in Mass Effect are not planets before the tour of the galaxy starts. Considering that the Milky Way has an estimated 100 billion planets, BioWare’s search for suitable exoplanets would have been an unnecessary Herculean job.

Why are Turks unable to consume human food?

The same kinds of proteins that humans can eat are inaccessible to turians. Turians use different amino acids than humans because of how our genetic development differed from theirs. Both Quarians and Turians utilise dextro-amino acids rather than levo-amino acids, similar to Humans and Asari.

Is the ending of Mass Effect considered canon?

The Destroy Ending has two significant drawbacks for the future of the Milky Way, and it looks to be canonised in the forthcoming Mass Effect game. BioWare unveiled a teaser/poster for the upcoming Mass Effect game in honour of N7 Day.


I pre-ordered Mass Effect 3, thus I don’t think the fact that I couldn’t play Mass Effect Infiltrator diminished how much I enjoyed the game. But it doesn’t mean you should avoid playing this game. A wonderfully entertaining game with decent controls is Infiltrator. On top of that, it looks fantastic. If you’re not a fan of Mass Effect, the $6.99 asking price can be a huge turnoff, and you won’t truly understand the significance of the plot.

What Community Says?


Mass Effect Infiltrator has ‎‎418 reviews Mass Effect Infiltrator has a 3.6 star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Mass Effect Infiltrator frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Mass Effect Infiltrator is one of the most famous entertainment apps.

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