Frontend Developer (HTML & CSS)

Frontend Developer (HTML & CSS)


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Frontend Developer (HTML & CSS)

Full Job Description

Job Title: Frontend Developer (HTML and CSS)

Work experience: 3+ years

Place of work: Lahore

Company Portfolio: For a Well Established Software House

Meeting with web designers to discuss the design and layout of the project.
Code the entire site HTML from start to finish.
Debugging of code and front-end web applications.
Ensure cross-platform compatibility.
Troubleshoot application errors. Conducting website performance and usability tests.
Respect publication deadlines.
Provide support to users.
In-depth knowledge of front-end coding languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Rs100,000.00 – Rs120,000.00 per month

Hiring Insights

On-going need to fill this role


Rs 100,000 – Rs 120,000 a month

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