Episode Apk Mod v22.50 [Unlimited Gems & Passes] – Latest Version

App NameEpisode
Latest Versionv24.60
Last Updated16 September 2023
PublisherEpisode Interactive
RequirementsAndroid 5.1
Size90 MB
Google Playstore[Not provided]
GenresOffline, Simulation
Google Play IDcom.episodeinteractive.android.catalog
Rating[Not provided]

Episode Apk Mod is a massive library with hundreds of interactive stories that are full of fun, creativity, and are designed with today’s youngsters in mind. This app has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, and it’s still rising by the minute. But what is it about Episode that has people so enthralled? Keep an eye on this article to find out!

Each story has its own distinct beauties for players to explore and appreciate, such as character depth, fraction building, and luxurious immersion. Above all, the interactive story element is critical and will have a substantial impact on the player’s outcome or path in each story.


About Episode Apk Mod

The key characteristic that most people adore is the production of stories that accompany you on your journey. You can choose between a high-school drama or a basic day-to-day occurrence that the game will lead you through if you prefer something more grounded. You can read about super-hot beings who fall in love, become pregnant, and discover the passion worlds if you prefer things hotter. You can also have supernatural stories, aliens, vampires, and immortal forces if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum. Simply say the word, and the great game will take over.

episode apk mod


The main game is one thing, but the Episode Choose Your Own Story Mod Apk is quite another. You begin your trip there by designing your avatar with one of the hundred pre-set clothing, hairstyles, or make-up options provided by the developers. Then you get to choose from one of 150,000 captivating novels written by the best Young Adult authors. They’ll make you laugh, cry, flush, and think for a long time. Or so the story goes.

After you’ve decided on a tale to follow, you’ll receive your avatar (who, by the way, you can name) and begin developing relationships with the other characters. Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk allows you ultimate control over the paths your stories go, allowing you to choose from an infinite number of possible conclusions. You can choose who will be your closest friends with whom you will share everything, who will be your future lover with whom you will fantasize about the future, and who will be your most eager rival or enemy, all of which will alter the course of your tale in the most bizarre ways. As you travel through life, you’ll have the chance to change your fate, so it’ll be like being the genuine master of your domain (which you are, right?).

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Features Summary

With the help of this customized game, you can also use unlimited passes to read as many stories as you like.

  1. You may get unlimited gems using the Episode Choose Your Story mod.
  2. Activate in-game purchases
  3. Get an unlimited number of passes
  4. New episodes are available for free.
  5. Real-life stories are told.
  6. Create your own avatar and choose from a variety of endings.
  7. The Episode is the best role-playing game, with many interactive stories that draw people from all around the world. This game lets you to create fictional stories that you can then share with the Episode community for others to enjoy.
  8. Similarly, if you don’t care for the game’s stories, you might appreciate those generated by other players. The goal of the game is to complete each story faster than the other players using traditional strategies and basic notions.

Endless Possibilites

When you learn that the stories in Episode: Choose Your Story Mod Apk have been read billions of times, you can’t help but wonder what’s the secret to their popularity. The most important thing to remember is that these stories are so compelling that you’ll stay up all night hoping Jake and Megan have a happy ending, or at the very least, a pleasant date. Another cool aspect of the new patch is the opportunity to write your own stories, allowing you to contribute to the aesthetic awakening of millions of readers around the world on your own. Alternatively, you can simply write out your darkest dreams on the platform and hope that someone else shares them.

Aside from the long-term effects of storytelling, Episode: Choose Your Story Mod Apk allows you to explore thousands of planets, scenes, landscapes, and cultures, ensuring that you never get bored. Users have claimed that there is a narrative for every want, so prepare to be understood in a world you never knew existed.

Features in Detail

All of the stories are well-organized and created by professional writers, making Episode Choose Your Story the most popular game on the planet. There are numerous compelling reasons to obtain this game.

I’ve highlighted some of the features of the Episode – Choose Your Story mod below. If you are a new player who is unsure whether or not to download this modded version of the game, the following feature will undoubtedly assist you in making your decision.

Premium options are available.

In order to go faster in the Episode game, you must first choose a character. Premium avatars, on the other hand, are not available in the standard edition of the game since they are locked and can only be unlocked by spending real money.

As a result, we completely redesigned the Episode game so that you can enjoy the premium options feature for free.

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Unlimited passes are available.

If you’re a fan of the Episode game and enjoy reading stories, you’re probably aware of the value of passes in the game. We have a limited number of passes in our account that we can use to play the more expensive stories.

However, with the Episode Choose Your Narrative Mod Apk, you will receive unlimited passes that can be used to play any pricey story for an endless amount of time without any problems.

Gems inexhaustible

In the Episode game, the gem is a sort of currency that allows users to purchase luxury clothes and content for their avatar. However, in order to earn gems, you must watch a lot of videos, which consumes a lot of data and time.

So, I published Episode Mod Apk, which will grant you limitless diamonds in your account without requiring you to do anything.

Purchase at no cost

Many premium items and features require in-app purchases in order to be used. However, with the help of Episode Choose Your Story Apk, you may purchase any expensive item for free. So go ahead and download the Mod version and start playing premium games.

There are no limits on how many people you can follow

In the Episode game, gaining followers is challenging because we need to create more interactive stories in order to earn followers on our profile. Sometimes it takes longer than we anticipate.

You will earn an unlimited number of followers after downloading the modified version of the Episode, even if you do not submit a single story.

Some additional features

  • Take part in incredible interactive storytelling.
  • Anti-Ban
  • Unlocking characters for free
  • Ad-free experience with unlimited gems and passes

How to Intall Episode Apk Mod

  1. Search app in apkthrone.com and click on download.
  2. Now sit back and wait for the download to complete.
  3. Go to your device’s settings menu.
  4. After that, look for Unknown Sources.
  5. In order to avoid any issues during the installation of the game.
  6. Then you’ll navigate to Downloads.
  7. Now you may easily begin installing the game.
  8. Episode apk mod is now available for download.

Breaker of the Rules

Two bickering boos cooped up in the same apartment? Only a true rule breaker can determine the outcome of this delectable will-they-won’t-they…

Take Miss Congeniality, throw her in college, toss in the town’s cute quarterback, and watch the sparks ignite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Episodes Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, using Episode Mod is 100% risk-free. Since the Episode Mod Apk, there is nothing to be concerned about.

Is it possible to play Episodes Mod Apk offline?

Yes, you can play the episode – select your own adventure offline, but don’t forget to read the thorough advice for offline gaming groups of episodes.

What will I be able to do with this mod apk?

  • To make it easier for you to enjoy this game, we’ve unlocked all of the premium items and purchases. Details can be found in the table below.
  • In-game, there are no limits on how many passes you can get. Unlocked Unlimited Gems can be purchased for a one-time fee.
  • Premium Selections
  • Automatic Updates on New Episodes
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You can now download the latest version of Episode Mod APK Unlimited Gems and Passes for Android for free. You can also unlock all episodes and receive an upgrade of all-new characters. Also, have fun with Episode Mod Free Shopping, where you can receive infinite money and Passes. In addition to unrestricted graphics, game design, and backdrop enhancements. The opportunity to design avatars, use more new upgrade options, and enjoy the spectacular real-world simulation you want to see, in addition to anti-ban and security measures.

Because of its outstanding unique features and adaptability, it is one of the best and most interactive games in the stimulation genre. Furthermore, anyone interested in playing games can play the game for free. The Episodes Mod APK may be downloaded and installed in a few steps. You may also install this game using an APK file. So, download and install the Episodes Mod APK or Episodes APK file on your phone or computer.

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What people say


Episode has a consumer rating of 4.3 stars from 3,835,288 reviews indicating that most users are generally enjoying their stories. People satisfied with Episode most frequently mention video sharing, social media and free shipping. Episode ranks high among story creating apps.


Gacha Orange

February 5, 2022

It’s an okay game, but I don’t understand how you expect players to enjoy the episode, and make their own choices when literally everything is gem choice! Even some of the public stories are gem choice. Atleast remove gem choice for most things. And one time, I bought a gem choice, and I only got no…

Ava Xx

February 11, 2022

Years ago Episodes was a totally different game, I understand change is necessary but I feel like it only went downhill. Episodes used to be a platform where you could use the provided animation & create your very own story that anyone could play. I never personally made one but I loved this system …

Alexia Dent

February 5, 2022

In my opinion, I liked the old version of episode better. You didn’t have to read like 20 stories just to get to read other things and get to create your profile. Also im not even past all the intro stories and its boring and makes me not want to read them anymore. I have been using episode since it c…


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