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Drastic Ds Emulator Apk

DraStic DS Emulator APK is a Nintendo DS simulation application developed by Exophase. If you don’t know, Nintendo DS has been Nintendo’s favourite video game console. The DS, or DS, is a portable console. It has two screens (Dual Screen) running in parallel at the same time, especially the lower screen with built-in touch control.

Thus, you can touch the screen to play a game or use the console’s physical buttons. The device has not been subject to a very aggressive selling campaign. This is a very popular video console game and it was officially released in the United States on November 24, 2004.


Games & customisation

DraStic also lets you play around with their display modes. For such devices as quad-core, the engine outputs insights regarding the graphics rendering quality of 3D video games. Further, you could shift gameplay screen locations and sizes to play in portrait or landscape mode.

The hard drive saves in either 24-bit or 32-bit “format”, providing four times the number of colours as the standard screenshot, helping create a widescreen effect. The “fast-forward” button allows for faster playback of different scenes and conversations throughout the story. Like add-on controllers or physical controllers, the “Windows” button and directional pad are supported on the emulator


Encourage people to download

this app supports and enhances games that support up to twice the resolution of the DS device. This only works on high-end devices with more powerful processors.

Customize the screen position

You can customize the screen display by specifying stable locations for the two screens: one on top and the other on the bottom. Having a backup and resume feature, like the GameBoy game, is always a good idea, especially when you are in the middle of a game and someone borrows your phone!

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Optimized, or LMG means the game works better across different platforms. All your friends that bought the game will tell you that they got the game and it worked great, which means you can be sure that the publisher optimized optimized the application for maximum compatibility. Tips To sate the long battery at play, the developers also add power-saving features to their apps.


The Apple Watch Series 4 GPS+ Cellular Smartwatch Specification<|endoftext|> This app makes sure you don’t lose the game’s archive file when you restore factory settings by allowing you to synchronize with Google Drive. This helps save your important game data so you don’t lose it after a factory reset.


This feature lets you skip through some of the boring parts of an application. There are some games with verbose dialogue that folks with a time limit can skip past It endeavours to award something to the player such as functionality or equipment based on the type of code. When playing the Nintendo game Pokemon, for example, you will generally achieve something in the playing if you enter codes.

How to Install

Downloading any paid application from Thinkers for Android devices is an easy process for everyone who knows a little bit about android applications, as they use an API system ruled by Java and not unlike the services provided by Gmail.

If someone is new to Thinkers and confused about downloading process, it’s understandable that someone who’s been doing so for a while wouldn’t be too forthcoming about downloading methods. So I will write a simple step-by-step “recipe” that anyone can understand.

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Can I use it indefinitely?

It won’t need you to input a licence key, so you can use it forever. You should bookmark our website if you want to be notified when there are updates.

Does the DraStic DS emulator have ads?

No, there isn’t any advertising on it since we individually delete every ad unit.

Does this premium apk require payment in order to download it?

You don’t have to, though. Any paid programme that I provided on Thinkers is free to download, as I’ve always indicated. This implies that you may download the DraStic DS Emulator for free.

What Community Says


Drastic Ds Emulator has  · ‎118,428 reviews Drastic Ds Emulator has a 4.4-star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who Drastic Ds Emulator frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Drastic Ds Emulator is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


Tyler Wehr
March 24, 2022
So I have to say. I’m beyond impressed with this emulator. If you want to know if it’s worth the price…. brother… yes. It’s worth more. PLUS there is a beta program and there is a loving amount of customizability with the GUI vs. Controller/keyboard UI. You can do some creative stuff with the stylus (like map your right thumb stick to trace around like a stylus in fluid motion) So I just have to say to the developers that you did a great job. If you are willing to tinker… it’s rewarding. 144 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
Noah Pickard
April 22, 2022
This is a fantastic emulator. Something I would add (unless it’s already there but I just can’t find it) is the ability to make certain buttons toggle-able. For example, instead of having to hold the run button down in NSMB, it would be great if I could just press it once, and it’ll hold it down for me. 155 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
A Google user
December 3, 2018
Really amazing emulator, I actually like it more than any DS emulator I’ve used on the PC. Very easy to use and set up, as well as adjust the settings to my liking. No lag, no crashes, haven’t had any save losses or any technical issues, really. If I could make one suggestion, it would be potentially adding more “extra” buttons. For instance, in Apollo Justice, it’s often that the microphone has to be used in investigations. I have one button to make a save state, and the second to load a save state, which means I have only one extra button I have to interchange fast forwarding and microphone activity onto. It’s such a non-complain though, it’s barely a concern. I also think there should be an option to make the buttons and d-pad smaller, rather than just disabling them. All in all, totally worth the price, the performance of this app is above and beyond the experiences I’ve had with other emulators.


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