Among Us Apk

Among Us Apk


What is among us?

Among Us is a cross-platform multiplayer video game. It has more than 10 player profiles, including a lead character. When 10 random people enter a space station or alien headquarters, these participants must discover who the imposter is. Often they create a party, or team, with four members and join the game at any given time. On the smartphone application, there are options for playing the game offline or online, and people in local Wi-Fi spots can test it out.

Among Us Apk
Among Us Apk

What is the goal of Among Us?

The social network MMO game Neverwinter Nights is a survival game. In that game, people who are working as pretend people on a simulated cruise ship must complete all of the assigned tasks and vote out the imposter or they must die. On the other hand, the imposter must kill each player one by one before they can warn or incapacitate the lot of them. The game transforms a lot more fun if you have a crew of pretenders pretending to work on the ship, as you can kill

The game takes place on a spaceship and offers three levels. Players control their movements using basic right, left, forward, and backward actions. The player can send other people to where he or she is, usually to perform a task. Players must not pose reasons for their actions, as that will bring misfortune. In the emergency meeting, crew members discuss how to deal with a potentially unwanted individual. If someone is voted off, he or she leaves a hole in the crew, and the game continues until only one person is left.

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  • Since each map in Among Us has unique interactions, such as tasks and sabotage, the variety of the maps represents a significant change in the gameplay.
  • All of the maps, however, share a crewmate tracking and identification system.
  • These features can be used by individuals to discriminate between allies and enemies or to identify any abnormalities.
  • The vent design, on the other hand, gives impostors a greater range, enabling them to manoeuvre around and kill the crewmate covertly.
  • When played with friends, Among Us is a fun game with extra features that regularly updates the player base with fresh material.
  • Additionally, the game will continually add new features for players to explore, with the proximity chat feature or additional game modes being the most entertaining and imaginative.
  • This game is where you belong if you want to demonstrate the deductive reasoning or lying skills of your investigator.

There are 3 maps in the game.

  • There are three different maps available when you play Among Us on a Windows device: The Skeld, Polus, and Mira HQ.
  • The Skeld, a spacecraft with a circular layout and well-balanced areas and bottlenecks, is the default map.
  • There isn’t much room on this map for spies to assassinate members covertly.
  • The impostor has a greater edge because the other two maps are much larger.


How does killing work in Among Us?

You have to wait in the shadows and approach other gamers quietly as an impostor. You can emerge from concealment as soon as a crew member approaches, killing them before they have a chance to reveal their identity. For instance, you may kill a crew member who was finishing up a certain work in the lab, turn out the lights, and hide in any of the vents to kill another staff member.

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What do the impostors among us look like?

In the video game Among Us, one of the 10 players will be given the position of the impostor at random. The other players join the game as fellow crew members. The impostor in the game is a shape-shifting extraterrestrial who impersonates the other crew members but is actually there to wreck the ship and murder every player.

What Community Says


Among Us has  ‎402  reviews Among Us has a 4.4-star rating on google play, indicating that the majority of users are enjoying themselves. Users who among Us frequently mention video sharing, social networking, and free coins. Among Us is one of the most famous entertainment apps.


August 6, 2022
I genuinely think this is a good game, people are alright and the the concept of the game is fine. However the bugs. it’s an issue because I’ve had to reinstall among us several times. I also had to keep clearing the cache and the data as well. I get stuck at the loading screen and it’s just a never-ending black screen. I never get into the game because it never loads. it loads when I first download it but if I close it and leave it for a while and then go back it just never opens. 282 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
June 26, 2022
Overall not bad but not amazing. The game itself is fine, with not many problems. I like how you can practice each map and get to get more familiar with it. I feel like there should be more maps, new tasks/more tasks, more mods/different characters and/ or “special” characters (like scientists or engineers). The Buggs/glitches can get annoying from time to time. The players are fairly decent. It’s a fun game to play with your friends when on a cv.
1,645 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?
June 26, 2022
This game is great, ever since the fixed it I’ve been playing it again, but there is one small problem. Sometimes when I play my WiFi isn’t the best for a couple of seconds due to distance and I get kicked out of a match, and it happens every time, and when it does happen it says I can’t play for a certain amount of time because I INTENTIONALLY left even though I didn’t. The games are great but if your WiFi doesn’t meet the expectations then it won’t work.

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